Sr. No.Name of ScholarSchoolTopicSupervisorYear Enrolled
1Sanjeev Ratna SinghSchool of CommunicationImpact of Twitter as a tool for political activity in 2017 UP, Gujarat and 2018 Karnataka Assembly ElectionsDr. Ritu S. Sood2015
2Deepika KumarSchool of EngineeringBig Data AnalyticsDr. Usha Batra2015
3Devender SharmaSchool of EngineeringReview of Indian Aeronautical Sector in the perspective of "Make in India"Sonu Sharma2015
4Hardeep SinghSchool of EngineeringProductionShakunpreet Kaur2015
5Kandla AroraSchool of EngineeringBody area networks (Wireless)Dr. Sandeep Nagar2015
6Prateek ThaparSchool of EngineeringCyber SecurityDr. Usha Batra2015
7Prerna SharmaSchool of EngineeringEnvironment Management and Solid Waste ManagementDr. Sudipta Mishra, Co-supervisor: Dr. Smita Sood2015
8Ramandeep Singh ChowdharySchool of EngineeringEmbedded SystemsDr. Sandeep Nagar2015
9ShipraSchool of EngineeringInformation Retrievel/Data Mining/Opinion MiningDr. Sakshi Babbar2015
10Archana ChaturvediSchool of Fashion & DesignSupportive Design Development of Wet Areas in Retrement HomesDr. Anjali Agrawal2015
11Koshalpreet KaurSchool of Fashion & DesignIconographic study of costumes prevalent in Gupta Dynasty of India (4th - 6th Century AD)Dr. Anjali Agrawal2015
12Manish JoshiSchool of Fashion & DesignNurturing designers of tomorrow - Evaluating the focus of undergraduate design education in IndiaDr. Sakshi Kaul2015
13Tulika RohatgiSchool of Fashion & DesignStudy of vernacular built environment, its sustainability and relevance in contemporary buildings of Delhi - NCRDr. Anjali Agrawal2015
14Suchismita RoySchool of HospitalityAdoption & Utilisation of Green Practices in Hotel Industry (A Study on Star Category Hotels of New Delhi & Gurgaon)Dr. Y G Tharakan2015
15Gurmanjot ButaliaSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesImpact of companion animals (pets) on the social and emotional development of adolescents – tentative (on academic break)Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar2015
16Kartika SaharanSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesThe study of political, economic and social factors leading to a new state formation: a case study of Alwar state in Mewat during 17th- 18th cDr. Tithi Bhatnagar2015
17Sheetal HoodaSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesRelevance of madrasa education system: a study of Mewat regionDr. Rimple Manchanda2015
18Neha GuptaSchool of LawRape Victims and the Response of Indian Criminal Justice System: An Analytical StudyDr. Anil Dawra2015
19Puneet KharbandaSchool of LawCriminal LawsDr. Anil Dawra2015
20Sulakshana MukherjeeSchool of LawThe Crime of Honour Killing- A Critical Analysis of the law in IndiaDr. Shanthakumar2015
21Adil MatinSchool of CommunicationThe Challenges in synchronizing cost, broadcasting workflow and quality content production for business sustainability in television industryDr. Ritu S. Sood2016
22Ganesh Ariyalur ChandrasekaranSchool of CommunicationScope, Pros and Cons of Virtual Relaity and Augmented Reality in CommunicationDr. Shilpi Jha2016
23Kriti AttriSchool of CommunicationIndian Media-Military Relationship In Kashmir Conflict Post Kargil War: A Grounded Theory StudyDr. Ritu S. Sood2016
24Sudipta SahaSchool of CommunicationImpact of Social Media on Tourism Promotion in IndiaDr. Shilpi Jha2016
25 Manisha MishraSchool of EducationA Comparative study of Inclusive Education in practice at Government and Private CBSE affiliated Secondary Schools in DelhiDr. Reva Raina2016
26Preeti YadavSchool of EducationA study of the implementation of Right to Education Act 2009 in context of differently abled students of Primary Schools of Haryana.Dr. Mira Mishra2016
27DivyaKalraSchool of EducationA Comparative study of perception towards gender sensitivity of class 9 students studying in Government and Private CBSE affiliated schools of DelhiDr. Aabha Sharma2016
28Abhilasha VyasSchool of EngineeringCyber SecurityDr. Usha Batra2016
29Anand SehgalSchool of EngineeringBig Data AnalyticsDr. Sakshi Babbar2016
30Arinjoy BiswasSchool of EngineeringHarmonic Reduction in power converties renewalbe energy (Solar/Wind)Dr. Manju Aggarwal2016
31Arpit KanodiaSchool of EngineeringData ScienceDr. Sakshi Babbar2016
32Leesha AnejaSchool of EngineeringAndroid ForensicsDr. Sakshi Babbar2016
33Manish TalwarSchool of EngineeringMax power point trackerDr. Manju Aggarwal2016
34Monika AgarwalSchool of EngineeringImage enhancement technique for noise reduction in spatial domainDr. Geeta2016
35Kiran Kumar DangwalSchool of EngineeringSmart Controller for integration of Multiple Renewable Energy Sources for irrigation in remote hillDr. Manju Aggarwal2016
36Puneet KumarSchool of EngineeringDeveloping of the testing framework for web accessabilityDr. Sakshi Babbar2016
37Anju SinghSchool of EngineeringData mining of social networking dataDr. Sakshi Babbar2016
38Beena KumariSchool of EngineeringElectrical Machines & DrivesDr. Manju Aggarwal2016
39Bharti ThakurSchool of EngineeringPower quality, Power systemDr. Manju Aggarwal2016
40DeeptiSchool of EngineeringWireless TechnologyDr. Geeta2016
41Seema ChopraSchool of EngineeringLuminescenceDr. Anshu Gupta2016
42Shivangi KaushalSchool of EngineeringSoftware TestingDr. Usha Batra2016
43Simple AgarwalSchool of EngineeringManufacturing & Industrial EngineeringShakunpreet Kaur2016
44Neha SharmaSchool of EngineeringNetworking & Operating SystemDr. Usha Batra2016
45Neha SharmaSchool of EngineeringData SecurityDr. Usha Batra2016
46Patil Anita UttamraoSchool of EngineeringImage & Video processingDr. Geeta Rani2016
47Rachita SethiSchool of EngineeringOueucing TheoryDr. Deepika Garg2016
48RajbalaSchool of EngineeringApplied Math & Pure MathDr. Deepika Garg2016
49Ritu TomarSchool of EngineeringBig data (Machine Learning)Dr. Nidhi Arora2016
50Ruchi SharmaSchool of EngineeringAn Approach of soft computing towards wirelessDr. Geeta2016
51Sachin KansalSchool of EngineeringRenewable EnergyDr. Manju Aggarwal2016
52Sarita DeviSchool of EngineeringReliability Analysis and optimizationDr. Deepika Garg2016
53Shivani SalujaSchool of EngineeringBig data AnalyticsDr. Usha Batra2016
54Shweta BishtSchool of EngineeringComputer Integrated ManufacturingDr. Abhinav Gupta2016
55Ananya Mitra PramanikSchool of Fashion & DesignDesign Intervention in Repurposed TextilesDr. Anjali Agrawal2016
56Saurav ChhabraSchool of HospitalityAn analytical study on the Quality Parameters of Patient Meals served at Private hospitals of Delhi.Dr. Garima Parkash2016
57Gurmeet SodhiSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesA study of the Impact of Register-Style Errors on the Quality of Spoken and Written EnglishDr. Richa Srishti2016
58Jagmal SinghSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesResult awaited for Course WorkDr. Sakshi Kaul2016
59Manju KunduSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesViolence Against Women under Khap Panchayat System in India: A case study of Haryana State in Post Liberalization Era.Dr. Sudhakar Vaddi2016
60Pradip Kumar NathSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesSolid Waste segregation: A study of Generators’ Attitude & Behaviour in GurgaonDr. Rimple Manchanda2016
61Pratima GuliaSchool of Humanities & Social Sciences Impact of Perceived Organizational Support and Psychological Capital on Work Engagement and Job Performance among Employees of Academic Organizations: The Mediating role of Job CraftingDr. Tithi Bhatnagar2016
62Shweta SharmaSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesAccess of women to higher education in India: A case study of rural women in Haryana since 2009-2018Dr. Sudhakar Vaddi2016
63Sonia ChadhaSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesSense of Atonement in the Works of Jalaluddin Rumi and Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Comparative StudyDr. Parul Mishra2016
64Sunil KumarSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesUsage of Library Resources and Services in Public and Private University Libraries of Haryana: A Comparative StudyDr. Swadesh Sharma2016
65Usha GautamSchool of Humanities & Social SciencesProcess of Synopsis SubmissionDr. Richa Srishti2016
66Joseph Aristotle SiluvaiSchool of LawProtecting Utility Models in India: An Analytical StudyDr. Shanthakumar2016
67K.P AnandSchool of LawCompetition LawDr. Sunod M. Jacob2016
68Neeru GuptaSchool of LawInterest Free Islamic Banking: A study on its scope of inclusion in Indian Financial SectorDr. Anil Dawra2016
69Neha YadavSchool of LawMaritime Dispute Settlement under UNCLOS and the Challenges in its Enforcement: A Critical Case Study of South China SeaDr. Shanthakumar2016
70Ram SankarSchool of LawThe Process of Judicial Appointments in Higher Judiciary in India: A Critical StudyDr. Shanthakumar2016
71Saravanaraja P VSchool of LawJudicial Delays in Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India Maladies and RemediesDr. Sunod M. Jacob2016
72Aseem KumarSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesDevelopment and Evaluation of Gastroretentive drug delivery system of selected anti-diabeticsDr. Rohit Dutt2016
73Iqrar Ali AlviSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesEffect of antibiotics on immune response stimulated by antigen encapsulated in NanoemulsionDr. Rohit Dutt2016
74Shweta KambojSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesFormulation and development of Mucoadhesives films of some antidepressant drugsDr. Rohit Dutt2016
75Ahmad Shariq KhanSchool of CommunicationThe Roadmap for a Pragmatic Training for Trainers Framework for Media Educators in view of Post-truth Journalism EraDr. Ritu S. Sood2017
76Alibeena AtharSchool of CommunicationStudy of Student Movements in India Post 2014: Analyzing the Representation in National English NewspapersDr. Ritu S. Sood2017
77Gunjan SharmaSchool of CommunicationAn exploration of preferential artefacts and cultural relevence in mainstream bolloywood moviesDr. Shilpi Jha2017
78Neha VermaSchool of CommunicationBrand positioning and brand perception of FM Radio Channels in Delhi NCRDr. Shilpi Jha2017
79Vandna KanwarSchool of CommunicationConstructing and identifying developmetn communication model for socio psychological behavioral change among females towards sanitation: Study on the sate of HaryanaDr. Ritu S. Sood2017
80Husna BanoSchool of EducationA Study of Implementation of The Awakened Citizen Program for Value Education in CBSE Affiliated Schools of DelhiNCRDr. Tania Gupta2017
81Tina BhatiaSchool of EducationA Study of Skill Development Programme of Government of India in relation to Career prospects and Employment of wives of Armed forces of IndiaDr. Reva Raina2017
82Anupam tiwariSchool of EngineeringBloackchainDr. Usha Batra2017
83Ankush RathorSchool of HospitalityThe Role of North Indian Food to Promote Tourism in Delhi, IndiaDr. Garima Parkash2017
84Earnesh AnandSchool of HospitalityImpact of social media network on the brand loyalty programs offered by star hotels in New DelhiDr. Y G Tharakan2017
85Kumari ShiwaniSchool of HospitalityA Study of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Practices in Housekeeping Department of 5 Star Hotels in DelhiDr. Garima Parkash2017
86Vikas SinghSchool of HospitalityStudy of Food Preferences and Dining Motivations of International Tourists visiting 5 star hotels of Delhi.Dr. Garima Parkash2017
87Vinod KumarSchool of HospitalityStudy on Acceptance and Marketability of South Indian Cuisine among European Clientele of 5-Star Hotels in DelhiDr. Garima Parkash2017
88G Shiva Bala MuruganSchool of LawConstitutional Laws (Judicial Administration etc)Dr. Shantha Kumar2017
89Mrinalini BanerjeeSchool of LawEnvironmental RefugeesDr. Shantha Kumar2017
90Randeep KumarSchool of LawCriminal LawDr. Sunod M. Jacob2017
91Ruchi SinhaSchool of LawIntellectual Property RightsDr. Sunod M. Jacob2017
92Vasantha KumarSchool of LawPublic International LawDr. Sunod M. Jacob2017
93Vishnu PandeySchool of LawCriminal LawDr. Anil Dawra2017
94DeepikaSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesEvolution of Medicinal Plants for the treatment of DengueDr. Rohit Dutt2017
95ManishaSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesTargeted anticancer therapyDr. Anil Kumar Sharma2017
96Rachana DuttSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesNutritional assessment of Pregnant women with gestational DiabetesDr. Payal Mahajan2017
97Sonali Vinod Rao UppalwarSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesStandardization and Neuropharmacological studies on seeds of Vigna radiataDr. Rohit Dutt2017
98Suhani SinhaSchool of Medical & Allied SciencesOrally disintegrating filmsDr. Rohit Dutt2017
99Ajay KumarSchool of LawRight to Privacy, Constitutional LawDr. Dakshita Sangwan2018
100Hemant Kumar RajoraSchool of LawContract Law, Government Oil Procurement PoliciesDr. Dakshita Sangwan2018
101Jagmohan MaliyaSchool of LawTax Laws (GST)Dr. Sunod M. Jacob2018
102Rajesh Kumar GuptaSchool of LawCriminal Law (Prostitution in India)Dr. Dakshita Sangwan2018
103SulachaSchool of LawLGBT Regime in IndiaDr. Shantha Kumar2018

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