Promotion of Culture and Creativity in Student-teachers of School of Education through Tie and Dye Activity.

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April 11, 2018
Lifelong Learning: Guest Lecture on ‘Salary and Allowances’ organized at School of Education
April 11, 2018

“Our education has got to be revolutionised. The brain must be educated through the hand… Those who do not train their hands, who go through the ordinary rut of education, lack ‘music’ in their life.

— Mahatma Gandhi (Discussion with Teacher Trainees, Harijan, 18 February 1939)

School of Education, G D Goenka University organizes various cultural and creative activities for its student-teachers in tune with the Gandhian ideals of education called the ‘Nai Talim’ (Basic Education). Craft-centered education is encouraged and productive manual work is placed at the centre of curriculum. Our student-teachers participate in productive work under conditions approximating to real-life situations. These activities are pedagogically linked to learning and simultaneously become the medium of holistic education as knowledge acquisition, developing values such as dignity of labour and skill formation by integrating ‘head, hand and heart’ for the student-teachers. One such activity that our student-teachers learnt during the first week of April, 2018 was ‘Tie and Dye’. A thoroughly enriching, engaging and vibrant hands –on learning experience for all!

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