Exhibition of Mobile Science Labs at GDGU

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May 5, 2015
Workshop on MATLAB
June 10, 2015

Exhibition of Mobile Science Labs at GDGU

On 24th April 2015, School of Engineering at GD Goenka University (GDGU) in association with Agasthya International Foundation (AIF) organized an exhibition of mobile Science Labs that had various scientific models to illustrate science in our daily life. IAF is an organization that promotes learning by sparking curiosity in young minds. It has developed various scientific models for children and in order to facilitate science education even to the remote areas of the country. It has built mobile labs in vans, on bikes and even in a box.

One of their models was a radiometer, which showcased the rotation of a fan based on the concept of solar heat absorption and reflection. Another model illustrated the concept of anti-gravity utilizing the principle of Centre of Gravity. The slides in an amusement park are based on the concept of rate of change of velocity. The orientation of slide being straight or curved can control this rate was shown in another model.

The concept of atomizer was explained very simply through two straws and a beaker full of water. The sound that we hear from various objects or instruments get characterized by its length was simply shown by cutting the length of a straw. The principle of resonance was demonstrated though another model having metal strips of equal and unequal lengths. There were various other models to illustrate the direction of wave motion, 3D vision, persistence of vision, refraction, Fleming’s left hand and right hand rules. Another astronomic model demonstrated the reason behind observing the same face of the moon from earth year after year.

On the whole, it was an enriching experience for the students to be able to appreciate the basic concepts of science in everyday life. The GDGU students will soon be participating in the initiative called “Anweshana” organized by IAF in which engineering students mentor high school students and guide them to create innovative models that may solve various prevailing problems of the society.

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