Mechanical Engineering Students Visit Surya Industry Ltd., Panipat

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March 2, 2015
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March 19, 2015

Mechanical Engineering Students Visit Surya Industry Ltd., Panipat

A visit to Surya Industry Ltd, Panipat was organized on 4th march 2015 for second year mechanical engineering students to familiarize them with manufacturing of rubber tubes and the related processes. Faculty members Mr. Abhishek Pandey and Mr. Vikas Khatkar coordinated the visit. Surya Industry Ltd. which was founded in 2013, is a rubber industry situated in Panipat, Haryana. It is involved in the production of Butyl rubber tubes. The industry works under eco-friendly environment producing around 5000 tubes a day in winters and 10000 tubes a day in summers. The variety of the tubes manufactured in the plant has applications in various industries, with cycle and tractor manufacturing units being their main customers.

First, the students were taken to the manufacturing cell where all the major processes were shown. They saw the Mixing Spax machine in which the mixing of raw materials is done and chemicals such as Sulphur, TMTD, zinc oxide, CP-9, MBTS are added, at a temperature of 105 degree Celsius and air pressure of 7.5 kg. Then the student visited the rolling section where sheets are formed and taken to the Strainer machine. This is where the impurities from the material are removed. The tube coming out of the casting machine is called green tube. Then the students saw the valve jamming machine where the green tube was cut into the required size. The final process was shown on the Suplite machine also known as Joint machine, where tubes are joined by application of pressure and heat.

Finally the students were also introduced to the concept of supply and demand by the marketing team of Surya Industry. The industrial visit was informative and helpful in exposing the students to various practical aspects of the manufacturing industry, which they are studying in the course ‘Fundamentals of Manufacturing Science’ in their current semester.

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