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February 20, 2015
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March 10, 2015

Workshop on COMSOL

Computational physics has taken great leaps due to advanced computing architectures and efficient algorithms. COMSOL Multiphysics is one such software which solves multiphysics problems and is considered world leader in its domain. School of Engineering at GD Goenka University organized a workshop on COMSOL on 25th February 2015 for the faculty members and M. Tech. students. The resource person to the workshop was Dr. Samarth Agarwal, an Application Engineer from COMSOL.

A detailed description of the workflow for COMSOL was presented. Starting from defining a geometry using in-built CAD capabilities, then meshing and defining set of equation for solving particular physics problem along with coupling various physics problems and finally solving and post-processing tasks like generating graphs and report, was presented eloquently. Using an example of micro-resistor, a physics problem was demonstrated where due to passage of current, joule heating raises the temperature of resistor and this in turn deforms structurally the shape of resistor. After this presentation, individual faculties tried problems from their domains using COMSOL trial version, which was made available for 14-days from the date of workshop.

Faculties showed great interest in COMSOL as it can be very well integrated while teaching engineering subjects. Apart from learning the simulations, students can also appreciate the inter-disciplinary nature of the subjects by applying multi-physics aspects of the study under consideration. COMSOL can also be used by faculty for their research purposes. COMSOL showed good interest to make a long lasting partnership with, School of Engineering, G D Goenka University for future work.

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