Café Delhi Heights

The moment you read ‘Café Delhi Heights’ one thing that pops in your mind is that it truly does represent Delhi’s Desi spirit. Delhi being the capital of India is home to many cultures, traditions, tastes and dialects, which are summed up in Café Delhi Heights.

Vikrant Batra, the owner in his interview very well said that food fades, content doesn’t. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur and a chef. He studied from University of California and worked as an entrepreneur in his father’s “Batra Banquet”. In 2009, he opened his own venture by the name ‘Delhi Heights’ in Rajori Garden, soon giving way to ‘Café Delhi Heights’ in Gurgaon. Currently he owns eight restaurants under ‘Café Delhi Heights’ name and one by the name of ‘Café Terminus 1’.

When you enter any outlet of ‘Café Delhi Heights’, its marketing starts right from its choice of décor, posters and knick-knacks. Its logo is printed on top of butter dishes, the parchment paper and so on. The staff is well mannered, open and friendly. The service is not so fast but the food is worth the wait. It is teensy bit heavy on your pockets, but the portion and taste satisfies your gluttony Goddess.

They believe in giving value to customers which shows by their abundance of complimentary breadbasket, right to their big-portioned desserts. Their logo is fit between many monuments and symbols of Delhi. The couches, chairs etc. are closely knit yet give the customer privacy needed. The tattered brick wall, the blue color of wood frames, the rustic appeal of their clumsy yet authentic atmosphere reminds one of being an Indian.

Some of their outlets open early in the morning to offer wide range of breakfast menu and usually close just before midnight. It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant – providing Italian, American, European, Indian etc. cuisines. Their menu ranges from their small-portioned meals named tasting menu, to burgers, kababs, soups etc. They also offer wide variety of wines, sangria and other alcoholic drinks to huge range of mocktails and shakes. Their mocktails and appetizers fuel your hunger and compliment the food really well.

What surprises you is the versatile range of lemonade in their drinks menu. The menu is very intelligently planned, if one observes keenly, he/she will notice that any one element of the dish is commonly used in many dishes. This shows meticulous and sharp food costing plans. One of their interesting entertainers is their juicy lucy burger’s count. Their juicy lucy burger is meat burger loaded with cheddar cheese, is one of their signatures dishes. They have sold more than a lac of them.

They even have an open kitchen in each outlet, which not only makes customers enthusiastic to see their dishes being prepared but also keeps a check on their restaurants food hygiene.

The bread and desserts have been given due space and display, which usually other restaurants don’t provide. They provide many types of breads for sale as well. They understand customer’s need for a satisfactory and wholesome meal. This speaks about the experience they want to give to their patrons, i.e. their customers.

Café Delhi Heights is a casual dining restaurant, which was started in 2011. Its mantra is that there is “no shortcut to food”. These outlets are wonderful mix of food alongside Delhi’s sense of humor and appetite. They have even won many awards like Food Freaks Award, Good Food Award, and many more.

They have swallowed the mantra to success, which is by making customers worth their time, right from providing board games, books, to their extravagant yet delhized food. They not only tingle your taste buds, but also entertain you with their many food festivals like chai to pakora, mangolicious, etc. Good service leaves an impact on your mind and tongue to visit them yet again.

Blog Writer: Shivani Khattar MBA – IHRM

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