GD Goenka International Centre (GDGIC)

The GDGIC (GD Goenka International Centre) provides support and assistance for ALL the students of GD Goenka University.

GDGIC offer programs and services to help the international students before and after their arrival in India to ease their transition and making sure that their experience is safe, enjoyable and fruitful.

The centre also offers programs and resources for internationally minded students looking for opportunities such as student exchange/transfer, summer schools and internships outside of India. It also facilitates joint R&D and joint programmes in collaboration with top foreign Universities.


The mission of GDGIC is to connect the GD Goenka University to the world through:

  • Association with top ranked foreign institutions that facilitates student/faculty exchange and transfer
  • Helping the students to internationalize their education and gain intercultural experience abroad
  • Development of resources to provide education opportunities for students from around the world
  • Hosting events and activities to promote international opportunities and awareness of global issues
  • Increasing number and diversity of international enrolments


To help in making the GD Goenka University an internationally recognized institution through active foreign collaborations andencouraging students to participate in exchanges, study and travel abroad, internships, and activities that expand horizons and develop global skill sets.


The GDGIC offers various services to its international students and the students going forsummer school/semester abroad programs. The centre guides the international students and can connect them to agencies providing support for accommodation, transportation, permits, visas, health insurance and immigration. For the students willing to go abroad for short-term and long-term programs as part of their study at GD Goenka University, the centre offers opportunities at various Universities around the globe (including partner Universities) and provides guidance about applying for the same.


Around the year, GD Goenka International Centre organizes various events such as Orientation Program, Outings and Get together for the international students. Apart from these events, GDGIC also facilitates English Learning Program (ELP) for students from countries where English is not the first language. There is also the Buddy program where native students are associated with foreign students as buddies to ease their transition into a new environment.


April 21, 2017

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March 14, 2017

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