GD Goenka Research and Development Center (GDGRDC)

The GD Goenka Research and Development Center has been established to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research among faculty members, research scholars and students of various disciplines, and to make G D Goenka University a premier research driven university.

GDGRDC offers programs and services to create an environment that is conducive to research and help faculty members, researchers and students in developing new products, processes, systems or devices through continuous research.

The centre helps researchers by organising various research oriented events to familiarise them with the latest research areas and tools. It also helps them in writing research proposals and getting funded projects from various funding agencies.


To serve as a catalyst for research community by providing scientific and technical expertise as well as developing and enhancing innovative research programs that address important national and global needs. The centre strives to excel in research and development across disciplines through:

  • Establishing and evolving interdisciplinary and collaborative research and development capability and developing partnerships with research centres, premier universities and leading industries.
  • Organising research oriented events e.g. workshops, seminars, conferences and expert talks.
  • Educating students to be innovators with the breadth and depth to develop technology, new or improved products, processes, systems or devices.
  • Attract high quality research oriented students, and doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


The GD Goenka Research and Development Center will be a leading academic organisation dedicated to creating, advancing and facilitating high standards of research and innovation within the university and across community.


Dr. Mayurika Goel from Department of Basic & Applied Sciences, School of Engineering has secured a research grant worth 34 Lakhs from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India under the scheme “Early Career Research Award Grant”. As a part of this project, research group at G. D. Goenka University in collaboration with other national laboratories and Sun Pharmaceuticals, Gurgaon will be trying to explore the chemical diversity of natural products from trans Himalayan region, in order to identify novel lichen-based anti-cancer agents. Lichens are unique microorganism comprising of a fungal and an algal partner. The proposed study would be centred on the evaluation and validation of anticancer compounds from lichens of Himalayan origin.

Expected Outcome

The project proposes to develop a polymeric nanoparticle based therapeutic system which is expected to kill the cancerous cells with reduced side effects of currently used chemo- based drugs. Proposed formulation may be utilized as lead molecules for pharmaceutical industries for clinical trial stage. This knowledge will take us one step closer in the direction of development of lichen based natural remedy with reduced side effects caused by conventional chemotherapy.

Dr. Smita Sood and Dr. Priyanka Sharma from Department of Basic & Applied Sciences, School of Engineering have secured a research grant worth Rs. 30 Lakhs from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. A brief about the project is as follows:

Title of Project: Multivariate Analysis As A Tool In Groundwater Quality Assessment Of Mewat District

Abstract: Mewat is one of the district of Haryana where groundwater is used as one of the source for drinking, agriculture as well as for industrial purposes. Therefore, it was thought to investigate water quality of the Mewat district whether it is potable or not by physico-chemical analysis and further multivariate statistical methods will be used to facilitate the solution of environmental problems and suggest clues for the understanding of some natural processes. The proposal will highlight the types of the pollutants present in the water samples collected from different areas and the factors affecting the concentration of each of the parameters. The finding will be helpful for the local government to plan the use and protection of groundwater resources. The government can make sustainable strategies for management of water by various awareness & training programs to educate people regarding consequences of over exploitation of natural resources.

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