As a foreign student, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful campus and the quality of facilities that GD Goenka University provides. Eventually the excellent pedagogy of the teachers and the amazing help I received to enhance my skill and improve my knowledge convinced me of the Excellency of GD Goenka University. I will recommend this place to all the international students as well as this is the place where one learns more than one can expect.
Nanou Deve Nandy Veronica
MBA BATCH 2016-18
Ivory Coast, Africa
“College life is said to be a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs. But, the last 2 years that I have spent in GD Goenka have been nothing but a breeze, all thanks to my friends, who have now become my family, our teachers who’ve treated us like their children and everyone else in the GD Goenka family. In these 2 years, I’ve learnt how to deal with problems; I’ve seen the joy brought by success and also seen the pain brought by failure. But most importantly, I’ve learnt that there’s no shortcut to success. The time that I have spent here will forever be cherished.”
Akshata Mathema
BBA BATCH 2017-20
Kathmandu, Nepal
Throughout my 3 years of BBA at GD GOENKA univerity school of management ', I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. I enjoy getting involved with the university extra curricular activities and be part of the gd Goenka basketball team.There, I am encouraged to fully explore my potential and to provide the best experience for incoming freshman students to Gd Goenka. It was a great learning experience and the support provided by the staff certainly helped shape me who am I today. My time in the university has enabled me to meet a wide range of friends and the opportunity to immerse myself in an international experience.

My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the school of management for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible without them.
Agostinho N.Junior
BBA BATCH 2016-19
Mozambique, Africa

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