If you are among those who are excited by the ways digital media has changed the way we perceive the world, and want to be a part of this shift, then a degree in communication makes perfect sense for you. Enrolling yourself in a reputed school of communication is the first step towards doing that. Once you become a communications expert, the onus is on you tell a good story in a critical and engaging way to a variety of audience. If you have been considering some of the best communication colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, and other regions, here are a few reasons that should help consolidate your decision: -

    1. Experiences Beyond Comfort Zone

A degree in communications will provide you with perfect opportunities to expand your horizon and explore new opportunities and experiences. Throughout the duration of your course, you will need to practice public speaking, give presentations in front of your classmates. You will also be required to write pitches for media. You will need to go out and track down information for a news story, put out advertising ideas for imaginary products and write scripts for movies and documentaries.

Such tasks will be daunting and demanding in equal measure, but learning them is essential. These tasks will not just help you succeed in your career in the field of new media, but also make you a more confident and assertive individual. Above all, these qualities are appealing in the workforce and interpersonal relationships.

    1. Plenty of Career Opportunities

When you graduate out of a top school of communication, the career options are endless. To name a few, you can become a journalist, a film camera operator, public relations specialists, a broadcast reporter, photographer, an advertising manager, a writer or an editor. The possible work environment provides the same variety. A degree in communications will allow you to find employment with a magazine or a newspaper or an advertising agency or a TV news network or a publishing house, etc. You might also take care of communications for clients or for a single company. You must also keep in mind that you don’t need to work in media and communication after completing your course. In fact, from engineering to education, from health to manufacturing, every industry and sector requires skilled communicators. Depending on the industry, the employer and your job title, you may end up handling internal and/or external communications.

    1. A Career of Interest

Have you noticed that many novels, movies and other fictional stories follow the life of a reporter or a rising advertising superstar? This is because a career in media and communication is interesting. When you find a job after completing your degree from one of the top communication colleges in India, be it Delhi, Mumbai or someplace else, you’ll earn your bread and butter from telling stories. You will be digging into controversies to find out the truth, or educate and entertain an audience. Of course the day-to-day work in an advertising agency might not quite live up to standards shown on TV or books but it is still far better than those mundane 9 to 5 jobs.

    1. A Glimpse into the Working of Media

At some point during your studies in a school of communication, you will be asked to think about the credibility of sources mentioned in your article or in your research paper. And the reasons behind it aren’t purely academic. The idea behind this is to encourage students to learn to question the credibility of sources, including the daily news that impacts your decision making.

    1. You Can Work From Anywhere

Freelance can be a scary word but for people with a degree in communication from a top communications college, but trust us, it shouldn’t be. A degree in communication is especially rewarding for those who love to travel. You can go around chasing a scoop or work on an assignment; freelance work in media allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

A degree in communication will not only open up the avenues career-wise but academically as well. Remember, with everything said and done, the right combination of education and experience can help you go a long way in your career.


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