Very soon it will be time again when students will start applying for colleges. With no dearth of B. Tech colleges in Gurgaon and surrounding regions, choosing the best college for you can be difficult. But since you will be spending the most formative years of your professional life in college, you need to pick from the best B. Tech colleges in Delhi. Picking the right B. Tech college in Gurgaon is a question of preference, instinct and hard facts. Here are some signs that you have found the best B. Tech college in Delhi for yourself: -

    1. Foreign Tie ups / Industry Tie ups

The Best B. Tech colleges in Delhi would partnership with international universities. This helps in two ways: students of the participating universities get to travel internationally, and this also enables the students to understand the culture of other nations. At the same time, it prepares them for life in the working world by allowing them to travel and live independently in a different surrounding.

    1. Batch size / Teacher Student Ratio

There are a number of B. Tech colleges in Gurgaon, some of them so large that the number of students enrolled in them could make up a town, while others probably have smaller number of students. Such are a number of options you need to be sure of which college you have to choose. Large colleges have the advantages of funding, the chance of meeting new people and more choices for classes. But you might find yourself sitting in a class of 500 students where you can’t properly converse or engage with the professor. Small colleges have smaller class sizes where you can interact with the professor regularly.

In the end, whether the college is large or small, the size of the classroom should make you feel comfortable.

    1. The Presence of Your Subject

Since you want to study B. Tech, make sure that the engineering college you choose offers the course. Besides the major discipline, you should thoughtfully consider the electives you wish to study along with it. You don’t want to end up with electives that will not enhance your skill-set or career progress in the long term.

    1. Accessible Faculty

Look up the faculty before deciding on a college. The best B. Tech colleges in Delhi would have faculty that are renowned in their field of study. Distinguished faculty members would have published papers in well-known scientific journals along with conducting research during their tenure with the college. One of the biggest signs that a college is best for you is that it has faculty members who are well and truly experts in their field, and passionate about it.

    1. Placement and Opportunities

Check the placement record of the college, and get an idea of the placement rate and the average package which students have secured. The college gets bonus points if it has an active alumni network that is invested in the college.

    1. The Campus is Ideal – Add: Extra Curricular Activity

Colleges can have traditional campuses with buildings that surround a quadrangle or a more contemporary setting that has a high rise building spread over an area. Look for a college that has a campus you like i.e. traditional or contemporary.

    1. The Hostel is a Place You Can Call Home

This is for those who would be staying in the hostel. Truth be told, many top B. Tech colleges require students to live in the college hostel for the first year and shift off-campus for the remaining years of the course. Some college hostels are basic while others pretty well-kempt. Look at the hostel and ensure that you can live in them easily.

When it comes opting for a B. Tech college in Gurgaon, sometimes it is best to go with your gut feeling. It may so happen that your perfect college will present itself and you will just know it. It might not appear perfect on paper, but it you will feel ‘right in place’ in there, then it is indeed the best B. Tech college in Delhi NCR for you!

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