Board of Student Activities (BSA)– Rotaract Club “SOUL” on September 27, 2017 led by President Sahil Mangla and other office bearers Aditya Sharma, Mansi Kapoor, welcomed to the GDGU campus a team from Rotaract Club, District 3011. The Rotaract Team comprised of Rtr Ritangshu, Rtr Shivam and Rts Vikram. They acquainted the SOUL Club members about the association between the Club and the Rotaract Club. There are 952 Rotaract Club in India of which 45 fall under District 3011, and the team represented the senior leadership of the same. They further elaborated how Rotaract is the ideation, action and implementation arm of the prestigious Rotary Club International which has a global presence and boasts of the who\'s who of world leaders. The team made a presentation to the students and also held a Q & A Session. SOUL Club members coordinated by facully members Sudipta Sen Gupta (SoM), Vineeta Kochhar (SoFD), Prem Gandhi (SoE) and Manni Dutta (SoMAS) had drawn up a list of activities for the calendar year. The Rotaracters complimented the SOUL Club for this initiative and expressed their wholehearted support for the causes and activities thus identified. They also gave detailed pointers about the upcoming Blood Donation camp initiative to be held on October 11, 2017. The SOUL Club members felt motivated and energized by the Orientation Session and resolved to make a difference to the community there by becoming true leaders in their own right.

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