Career Assessments and Self-exploration Exercises conducted by Dr. Kuleshwar Sahoo
Career assessments and self-exploration exercises play a crucial role in helping students to
understand their skills, interests, and values in their respective fields. To address this, activities
were conducted by Dr. Kuleshwar Sahoo on April 12, 2022 where students were introduced to a
variety of self-assessment tools and activities designed to help them identify their strengths,
weaknesses and career goals.

Dr. Sahu emphasized the importance of understanding one skills and interests in order
to make informed career decisions. He explained that students should consider the aspects of a
job that they find enjoyable, such as hands-on work or problem-solving, and consider how their
skills and interests align with their chosen career path. During the workshop, students participated in exercises such as personality tests, skills assessments, and interest inventories. These activities helped students to identify their unique strengths and areas for improvement, as well as explore careers that align with their interests and skills

Dr. Sahu also discussed the importance of values in career selection. He emphasized that
students should consider the values and ethics of a company or organization before accepting a
job offer. By understanding their own values, students can ensure that their chosen career aligns
with their personal beliefs and goals.

In conclusion, the workshop on career assessments and self-exploration exercises, led by
Dr. Sahu, provided valuable insights and tools for students pursuing a career in agricultural
science. By gaining a better understanding of their skills, interests, and values, students can make
informed decisions about their future careers and ensure that they find fulfilling and rewarding


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