Pursuing a degree in architecture can be a strenuous and demanding process, but there’s no denying that it is highly rewarding. When you complete your degree from one of the top architecture colleges in Delhi NCR or some other region, you have plenty of career options to choose from. That in turn allows you to prepare for the professional life ahead. Here’s what you can do for a living:

1. Landscape architect

The job of a landscape architect includes designing outdoor landscapes, such as public areas and infrastructure. He/she would be involved in site analysis, environmental restoration, storm water management, and recreational spots. If you are a person who loves working in and with the natural environment, you can consider choosing this path.

2. Urban planner

Because of a heavy influx of people in the urban areas, it can be exciting for you to become an urban planner. This career option provides vast opportunities as presently there are demographic and economic changes occurring in the urban areas. The path of an urban planner is a challenging one as you would have to do problem solving on a huge scale.

3. Restoration architect

The rich cultural history of our societies is depicted through their architecture which provides amazing glimpses in the past, and elaborates extensively about our heritage. The restoration and conservation of architectural structures is a challenge, but is a career you can pursue.

As a restoration architect, you will be able to offer beautiful solutions for building, and is a career option you will be introduced to during your time at some of the best architecture colleges in Delhi, or some other place for that matter.

4. Research architect

With the constant advancement in digital tools and design, the ways of expression and representation have seen a dramatic change. Information technology has had a great amount of impact on architecture and will continue to do so in the future as well. These improvements have been made through the efforts of research architects only, where they haven’t necessarily designed buildings, but focussed more on the new tools and techniques that offer advancement.

5. Careers in art and design

If after graduating you come to realize that architecture is not for you, then you can consider pursuing a career in art and design. As architecture is itself a form of design, it will be easier to make a transition into becoming an artist or a designer. Here is a list of careers you can pursue in arts and design after you complete your architecture degree:

I. Industrial designer

Many architecture firms have created a branch in industrial design because of the similarities between the two. But, you must know that industrial design involves small-scale objects that involve mass production, which is different from designing large-scale buildings. So, this career path could be great for you if you want to design on a smaller scale.

II. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is how we take in the world and reimagine it. The role of a graphic designer is invaluable if you want to communicate something. You can also think of pursuing a graphic design course that will act as a supplement to your architecture degree. If you plan on becoming a graphic designer, make sure you take up your area of interest in the field of communication.

6. Career outside the field of design

If you do not want a career related in architecture, art or design, you do not need to fret because there are plenty of other career options you can consider. For instance, you can become a teacher who teaches architecture.
You can also become an entrepreneur. This is because the three skills that entrepreneurs and architects have in common are creative thinking, problem solving, and the art of persuasion. These skills will help you become an entrepreneur, a successful one at that.
When you consider how expansive each of these lines of work are, the decision to pursue a degree in architecture from one of the top architecture colleges in Delhi starts to make more and more sense. Still, do you due diligence before you enrol yourself.


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