GD Goenka University, School of Management organized a session on “constitutional obligation” for management students on 10th April 2024. The resource person of the session was Mr. Amit Raj Agarwal, Faculty Member,
School of Law, GD Goenka University.

The session provided a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and duties that individuals, government officials, and public institutions have under the constitution. The session included familiarizing participants with the various rights and limitations outlined in the constitution, as well as the mechanisms for upholding and
enforcing these obligations.

During the session, participants learnt about the importance of upholding Constitutional obligations in ensuring the protection of individual rights, maintaining the rule of law, and promoting democratic governance. They also explored the historical context and significance of constitutional obligations in shaping the legal and political landscape of a country. 

The session was organized by Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Associate Professor, School of Management, GD Goenka University.
It was very insightful session where students learnt the importance of actively Participating in the democratic process to safeguard these principles and are looking for more such sessions.

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