January 24, 2017
Jubilating ‘Republic Day’
January 25, 2017

Building the bridge between the in campus classroom learning with the outside academic world, the School of Humanities and Social Science of G D Goenka University organized a day long Workshop on- East vs West: Cross Cultural influences on cognitive Processes by Dr Elizabeth Sheppard, from School of Psychology, University of Nottingham. Dr Sheppard, took students into a scholastic journey of Psychology from – Self Constructional Theory to Cultural Differences, She elucidated upon the basics of self-definition, and the extent to which the self can be defined independently of others or interdependently with others, through empirical learning methodology. Students assessed themselves on Self construal test to understand themselves better. Dr. Sheppard explained students about their self-construal attributes. An expert in experiential Psychology, Dr Sheppard, touched upon various aspects of Research in the field of Psychology. During the session, Dr Sheppard discussed the prospects of Psychology at Nottingham University and encouraged students to pursue Research Studies at the university.

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