e-Workshop on Entrepreneurship and starting a business in the agriculture sector
conducted by Dr. Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim conducted an online workshop on entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector for
students of B. Sc. Agriculture students on January 28, 2021. The workshop aimed to provide
students with an understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in starting and
running a successful agriculture-related business.

Dr. Ibrahim began the workshop by discussing the current state of the agriculture industry and
the growing demand for innovative and sustainable agriculture solutions. He then provided an
overview of the different types of agriculture-related businesses, including agribusiness, farming,
and food production.

Throughout the workshop, he shared successful stories of experienced entrepreneurs and
provided practical tips and guidance on how to start a business in the agriculture sector. He
discussed the importance of market research, financial planning, and securing funding for a new
business. He also provided an overview of the legal and regulatory requirements involved in
starting an agriculture-related business

The interactive nature of the workshop allowed students to ask questions and engage in
discussions with Dr. Ibrahim and their peers. This provided students with a valuable opportunity
to learn about the real-world challenges and opportunities involved in starting a business in the
agriculture sector

In conclusion, the workshop on entrepreneurship conducted by Dr. Ibrahim enabled the students
with insights on starting a business in the agriculture sector and the opportunities and challenges
with it. By providing students with practical tips, guidance, and real-world examples, the
workshop helped students to make informed decisions about their careers and increase their
chances of success in the agriculture industry.

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