From 26/10/17 to 29/10/17, IIT-Kanpur organised their massive annual cultural festival – Antaragni \'17. Colleges and Universities from all over the country attended and participated in this event. The event also featured a huge lineup of artists and professionals from various fields.

Our first impression of IIT-K was simply about their never ending campus which was bubbling with conversation and fun into the wee hours of the morning.

There was cheap, good food and the atmosphere there was very welcoming for the extremely large participant size. We were impressed by the amount of work some of the participating teams had put in and how they practiced day-in and day-out for their dance routines or nukkadnataks. We participated in almost every competition that we laid eyes on and did fairly well in most of them. We reached till the final round in Bang-J.A.M. and Parliamentary Debate, and participated in quizzes and creative writing.

The best part about this was the fact that all students in the team, from year-1 to year-4, got along really well and participated as a team. As a team we learnt how students carry the entire Antaragini’17 show on their shoulders. How every aspect of the fest was covered and yet any bumps on the ride were dealt as a whole team by the Antaragini’17 core team. This spirit resonated with us all and made us wish to go down the same route for Accelerron \'18.

Towards the end of the festival, all of us were sure and motivated to prepare for such events well in advance and attend as many of them as possible, not only for the fun there is in such events but also to make a our presence felt amongst other universities there. It was a learning curve for each one of us in every second we spent on the IIT Kanpur campus.

We attended multiple gigs and concerts while at Antaragni too, the electronic music and DJ producer KSHMR, Iconic Indian pop-rock band Euphoria, Indian metal band Skyharbor, Bollywood duo Vishal-Shekhar, Spoken word poetry artists from UnErase Poetry Mumbai, etc.

We really enjoyed and created memories forever and dispersed with a sincere hope that such mega events should be organized time and again giving the students a chance to display their talents and get some real espouser and the taste of reality .

Joshya Mehra , Preethi , Tanshi Singh, Param Saran, Raj Gaurav, Shreyaansh Khandal, Tanmay Dutta, Naman Tapasvi


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