A peaceful life is one of the significant aspects of success in today’s time. Everyone wonders what could be an easy and effective method to lead a stress free life. It goes without saying that taking care of mental health is of utmost importance because when the mind is filled with negative and stressful thoughts, it is always converted into some disease on the physical level. At the same time when the physical body is not in comfort,the most obvious outcome is a disturbed mind and stress. Hence ideally a system of balancing ourselves should be such that it does not ignore either one and works on both the levels i.e. body and mind.In today’s time when we are continuously subjected to excessive stress on physical and mental level,the very inherent process of healing is usually hindered. With the aim of giving an easy and effective method for de-stressing ourselves, on 5 January, 2017, Dr. Deepika Garg and Dr. Mayurika Goel, GD Goenka School of Engineering organised a guest lecture on De-stressing and Wellness.

A group of33 faculty members ofthe School of Engineering participated in this talk,delivered by Ms. Sonika Kohli, a senior faculty of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon. She is an engineering graduate in Electronics and Telecom, but has been into spirituality and Rajayoga for more than 10 years.

The workshop started with some meditation and understanding of the difference between religion and spirituality. She explained the auto pilot mode of our mind that regulates our lifestyle, then becomes a permanent habit (Sanskara). The biggest barrier to a peaceful life starts with a thought which can either uplift or deplete our energies. Each thought and action sends a ripple effect across the globe. By practicing meditation, one can gain power and can elude useless thoughts. For this reason, our prayers and meditations do help alleviate distress.

The workshop concluded with an effective ‘de-stressing’ meditation. Relaxation sessions of this kind can help increase focus through channelized thoughts and escalate overall efficiency. This talk was an initiative towards creating an awareness about adopting aspiritual lifestylethat can enhance abilities to develop ourselves and lead a balanced life.

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