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March 9, 2017
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March 10, 2017

A guest lecture on Salary Benchmarking was conducted by School of Management for students to get acquainted with the salary benchmarking practices and benefits. It helped students understand the role it plays in making and breaking an organization. Discussions with students were held on its usage as a Tool which an organization should use to discover the best practices in the industry and market, to achieve the best performance results.

Lecture was conducted by Dr. Manan Chaturvedi who is the founder of GlocalizedHR and a 360º HR Setup and Transformation services company Fortune Architect. He is a scholar of Human Resources and works closely with companies design their data-driven talent acquisition strategies that drive effectiveness, growth, and competitive advantage. He also speaks, writes and chairs conferences on HR Development and management. Connect with Dr. Manan by email, LinkedIn or Twitter and one can follow his articles : https://glocalizedhr.wordpress.com

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