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February 5, 2019
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Teaching is one profession that gives a person the chance to build a healthy academic system for the country. Hence, as a teacher, you will be entrusted with educating children – the future of the country. You will be shaping minds and helping children develop and become well-rounded individuals.

So, in order to pursue your dream of becoming a teacher professionally, you would have to complete your graduation degree followed by a B.Ed. which is a two year course. These two years help in building your portfolio as a teacher. A B.Ed. course will make you learn the art of teaching at different school levels such as the secondary and senior secondary, and a host of other benefits.

So, after your graduation, you will have to pursue a course from a top B.Ed. College in Delhi NCR or a reputed college in some other region.

If you wish to become a teacher in the future and want to opt for a B.Ed. course, then you might be facing a lot of doubts. Read on to have the basic idea of how it shapes your career and what you will learn and implement as a teacher:

1. A real-life session with students

During the course of a B.Ed. degree, prospective teachers are given the opportunity to walk into schools and teach students in a classroom environment. This gives real-life classroom exposure about the experience of teaching and what all challenges they could potentially face.

Apart from this, the prospective teachers become confident and get to explore different teaching methods. Hence, this useful feature is offered at the time of the course itself, offering a huge benefit to the prospective teachers.

2. Discovering diverse techniques and teaching methods

The main aim to pursue a B.Ed. degree is to learn how to teach. Many of us have a vast amount of knowledge but when it comes to imparting it to others, it is a completely different cup of tea. This is what a B.Ed. course exactly helps us to do. Hence, in the course, the prospective teachers are taught how to gain attention of the students so that they try to learn the knowledge the teachers impart.

While pursuing the B.Ed. course you will also get to learn about ICT, short for Information and Communication Technology. The course helps you understand ICT and its applications. When ICT is applied in education, it helps in imparting useful knowledge to the learners with the help of laptops, cell phones, video conferencing, etc. This is done in order to make the process of learning easier, both for the teachers and the students.

Hence, you will able to learn new teaching techniques and methods irrespective of the fact that you study in one of the best B.Ed. colleges in Delhi or even other reputed colleges in different regions.

3. Managing the school affairs at a later stage

Pursuing a B.Ed. course not only teaches you to inculcate good teaching skills but also how to the work in the administrative aspect of an education system. The course curriculum teaches prospective teachers how to play their part in making a healthy education structure. However, an administrative job role comes into effect at an advanced level of the teaching career.

4. Other benefits of a B.Ed. Course

While pursuing a B.Ed. course, you will be able to recognise various educational issues at a broader level (global, national and state level). Apart from this, the course helps you to examine diverse learning environments in a variety of school environments, such as private, government, international, government-aided, and world schools.

You also gain a lot and acquire certain qualities. You are able to recognise an important role a teacher plays in the political and socio-cultural systems and most importantly, in the education system. Additionally, you will also get to understand culturally-diverse scenarios.

These are some of the ways in which a B.Ed. course helps a prospective teacher. Irrespective of the fact that you study from the best B.Ed. College in Haryana or a top B.Ed. college in some other region, you stand to gain the conceptual knowledge about the part a teacher has to play in the ecosystem of academic learning.

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