International conference on Multidisciplinary approaches in Forensic Science


A two-day international conference on multidisciplinary approaches in forensic science was organized by School of Engineering and Sciences, in collaboration with Sherlock Institute of
Forensic Science on 13-14 December 2022.

School hosted and registered more than 230 participants for ICMAFS-2022 and more than 60 presentations over different research ideas in five different tracks. The conference started with Sarasvati Vandana and lighting the lamp ceremony. The occasion was further graced by the welcome address to the gathering by Prof.(Dr.) Manish Prateek (Conference Chair, Dean, SoES).

Further the event was followed by the address given by Prof. (Dr.) Tabrez Ahmad (Vice Chancellor, GDGU). He emphasized the importance of forensic science, suggested that forensic training should be given to police which would be helpful in solving the cases. 

In his address as guest of honour, Dr. Ranjeet Singh (Founder and Managing Director of Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science, New Delhi) highlighted about the importance of cyber forensic and cyber law. He further discussed about cross examination, how to proceed in court and examination of electronic evidence. He also suggested that it is very important to combine forensic expert, lawyer, and police agencies to share knowledge with each other.

Chief guest Dr. Asha Srivastava (Director, CFSL, Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi) addressed the students and motivated them for future. In her address, Dr. Srivastava enunciated that every university should connect their students to police station for practical knowledge. She briefly discussed that crime pattern is changed because the way we are learning how to solve the crime in same way the criminal is also learning how to destroy the evidence. She also explained that forensic scientist is the main chain between the police and judiciary, and how with the help of technology we can solve the crime. 

On the first day, 13 th December, during the technical session(ICMAFS-2022), the protectifier- an anti-theft flooring prototype for storage of digital footprints and face recognition made by  the students of GDGU grabbed the attention of everyone. It was a structured process of brainstorming and information exchange.

Second day of ICMAFS-2022 started with the keynote speaker Prof. Robert Green OBE (Reader in Forensic Science, Director of Student Engagement, University of Kent, UK). He briefly discussed about DNA and the link with criminal careers, genetic relationship between parents and their children, and siblings’ genetic relationship, also talked about Y- STR, mitochondrial DNA, law of inheritance of mitochondrial DNA and other investigation techniques. Further, the second keynote speaker Dr. EviUntoro (Forensic Pathologist University of Trisakti, Indonesia) presented her lecture on Forensic Pathology after the covid 19 pandemic, in which she highlighted the following topics like forensic pathologist vs forensic anthropologists, forensic pathologist, multispectral examination. She also discussed about INTERPOL Disaster Victim Identification Guide and revise of the INTERPOL DVI GUIDE, 2023. The 3 rd keynote speaker Mohammed Ahmed Alsuwaidi (Latent Print Examiner, Dubai Police) talked about fingerprints basics to advanced. After this there were parallel sessions of presentations.

During the valedictory session, Prof. Dr. Naresh Sharma (Convener) facilitated the guest of Honour, Dr. Deepak Handa (Principle Scientific officer HOD, Documents (Retd) Central Forensic Science Laboratory, CBI, New Delhi.). Dr. Handa in his address emphasized the importance of documents and handwriting. He also discussed cases like Vidhya Jain murder case, Harshad Mehta case, and Taj corridor case etc. Prize distribution was followed by concluding remarks and vote of thanks Dr. Naresh Sharma (Convener) and Dr. Priyanka Tyagi (Co- convener), respectively. At last, the event was closed by singing the National Anthem.

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