20 th NOVEMBER 2022- 29 th NOVEMBER 2022


In order to bring students an interesting and useful winter, FPT Education Global officially kicked off Winter Camp 2022 - 10 days of experience. The program took place between 20th and 29th of November which was filled with creative, practical projects to explore new knowledge and destinations. The program focused on main activities such as Business Communication Skills,
Camping Activities, and Excursion Tours. The FEG Winter Camp 2022 became a venue for young people to awaken talents and excel in a variety of contests with intellect. The FEG coordinators were the ones to assist students in trying moments or find answers to any program-related concerns thanks to their extensive expertise in organizing the program and planning exciting events. Besides, participating in business communication classes reinvigorates and ramps up students’ professional journeys. Upon completion of the program, students got a good grasp of "golden rules" in business communication but also equipped with crucial skills for our future career. Moreover, FEG's Winter Camp 2022 was the best option to participate in entertaining camping activities and get the chance for networking opportunities and cultural exchanges we had
with foreign students from a variety of nations. Excursion trips, a series of discovery activities, were a must-try in Danang, the one of most worth living cities in Vietnam. A potential Winter Camp 2022 season was filled with events for learning, experience, and development in diverse fields, and colours. Winter Camp 2022 was hosted not only for students but also for the youth who want to
study and experience the global learning environment in FPT Education in general and FPT Education Global in particular as the first step toward becoming global citizens. With the help of this thrilling Winter Camp 2022, FPT Education Global energized and prepared students on their path to conquer knowledge.

Mr Girish Ahuja - Assistant Professor Program Head - UG Area Chair- Finance School of Management G D Goenka University accompanied the students. 

Girish Ahuja has 20 years of academic experience in the field of Finance and Accounts at both post-graduate and under-graduate level and has taught Management Accounting, Financial Accounting & Financial Management. Prior to joining GD Goenka University and for a period of 7 years, Girish worked at GD Goenka| Lancaster University where he served as Programme Director at GD Goenka World Institute, Gurugram. He also served in academic positions of Associate Dean and Controller of Examinations at IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi under the programme of Bradford University, United Kingdom. Girish Ahuja has also conducted Management Development
Programmes for working executives at PHD Chamber of Commerce, Delhi.

Participation of 39 students i.e. 15 from GD Goenka University, India; 19 from North South University, Bangladesh and 5 from Bennett University, India, lecturers, FEG coordinators, staff, and Vietnamese buddies from FPT Education Global was there.
GD Goenka students Details:-
1. Shriyanshi Saxena (Team Leader)
2. Disha Garg
3. Shashank
4. Tonmoi Sharma
5. Shubham Chaudhary
6. Saifuddin Mallick

7. Nuzhat Rehman
8. Anshudeep Yadav
9. Saloni Jain
10. Keshav Yadav
11. Abhinav Sarav
12. Jatin Chauhan
13. Utkarsh Kumar
14. Preeti Dagar


Day 1 (20-11-2022)
First day was all about arriving at Vietnam after an overnight flight, going through emmi/immigration, checking into hotel, having a peaceful relaxation time at the hotel poolside, looking for Indian food restaurant in the evening and ending the day by getting introduced to two Vietnamese buddies from FPT university and being a part of fire and water show of the dragon at dragon bridge, Da Nang, also exploring the types of Vietnamese fruits by interacting
with local fruit vendors and visiting to local night market named as Son Tra Night Market.

DAY 2 (21-11-2022)
Second day started with welcome ceremony and orientation at Swinburne campus, which included program explanation, life orientation and problem solving, got to interact with students from different universities through various fun filled games. This orientation was followed by welcome lunch at Vietnamese restaurant wherein students had a Bollywood dance hour the day
was continued with the campus tour of FPT Education university campus where we had basic Vietnamese language class, and the day ended with visit to vincom Mall.

DAY 3 (22-11-2022)
Third day started with first class of business communication wherein we learned about diplomacy skills. We also had two class activities one from which was won by Shriyanshi Saxena for being diplomat “making most Vietnamese buddies” and other was a draw and guess game won by Gd goenka students named Nuzhat Rehman, Disha Garg, Shashank, Shriyanshi Saxena and one Bennett university student in their team. After lunch we had Da Nang city tour which included visit to Han Market to buy handy Vietnamese commodities, Da Nang city Museum to know about war history of Vietnam, 67 meter Lady Buddha (ling unh Pagoda) followed by Cruise ride wherein we were served with flower tea and then was served dinner at Indo-Vietnam Restaurant. A guide from Viet travel was provided to guide students about each program activity on this day.

DAY 4 (23-11-2022)
Fourth day started with Business communication class wherein we were taught about negotiation skills and class activity included negotiating any belonging of ours with other students in class. It was a beach day and students were taken to My Khe Beach Da Nang where we had many fun filled activities. All 39 students were divided into a 5 groups and then performance of each team was
judged through various competitive games like that of team into dance, caterpillar race, balance the bottle race and protect the queen game. Gd goenka university team which included Utkarsh Kumar, Nuzhat Rehman, Jatin Chauhan, and Abhinav Sarav won the beach game.

DAY 5 (24-11-2022)
Fifth day started with business communication class about presentation skills and then we went ahead for heritage pottery village tour (Hoi An) and was introduced to Pottery making followed by visit to coconut forest in a Basket boat had 360 degree rotating game in middle of sea and a Karaoke show on boat the day was further scheduled with visit to night market of Hoi An (lantern
market) where we enjoyed local Vietnamese street food and shopping. The day ended with an authentic Vietnamese dinner.

DAY 6 (25-11-2022)
Sixth day was when the presentation contest took place. All the students were divided into team of 8 students and were required to present on any topic of their choice and was assessed on the basis of their presentation skills and promotion each team got. Then students were taken to store for buying necessary camping preparation items.

DAY 7(26-11-2022)
Seventh day students were taken to camping site Lang Tom Sara village. The camping day had various competitive games between Indians and Bangladeshis. The games include walling on bamboo sticks, sac race, rice making in their traditional way wherein Gd goenka students won the competition and the day was concluded. 

DAY 8(27-11-2022)
Eight day wasn’t scheduled with anything and was marked as free day for students. All students relaxed and then visited the famous marble mountain and then went shopping to local Han and Son Tra night markets.

DAY 9 (28-11-2022)
On Ninth day students had their last business communication class where they were taught about written and verbal skills. Then the time came when we bid farewell on closing ceremony. The closing ceremony started with a display of a recap video, and farewell speech by Girish Sir wherein he stated “Winter Camp is a place of learning, emotion, and every special thing for everyone here.
I would like to send sincere thanks to FPT Education Global and FPT University for this great opportunity.” And the other speech was given by team leader shriyanshi saxena on behalf of Gd goenka university students. Results of presentation contest was announced and gd goenka university students named Disha Garg, Shashank, Anshudeep Yadav, Saloni Jain and one student from Bangladeshi and one Vietnamese student as a team won the contest and received a prize of worth 80$ this was followed by distribution of program completion certificate to all the students after which All the Vietnamese buddies shared their experiences and feeling of being with us on this ten day journey, presented a dance and singing performance for us. It was then followed by
farewell dinner at Indian Restaurant.

DAY 10 (29-11-2022)
Wrapping up the immersion program and receiving a token of gratitude as a farewell greeting card from Vietnamese buddies all students departed back to India.


Winter Camp was an annual program of FPT Education Global that aimed to provide international students with specialized knowledge, cognitive skills, and personal development in the context of globalization as well as the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of Vietnam and expand the global networking. The 9 days of winter camp 2022 were filled with engaging and useful themes that provided Gen Z the chance to fully experience and develop them. International students participated in an orientation program on the first day of Winter Camp 2022, which provided more details about the program, life orientation, and problem-solving in a new environment. On the next day, there are a variety of activities, including the Danang city tour, the Hoi An Heritage tour, and business communication classes. The camper's remarkable and fulfilling nine-day winter camp journey came to a conclusion with the closing ceremony in a cozy setting, allowing them to reflect and summarize valuable lessons and experiences they had in Vietnam.

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