Mr. Amit Singh, the Proctor of GD Goenka University, delivered a comprehensive presentation on discipline and the university's stance on anti-ragging measures. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful campus environment for all students, faculty, and staff. The session covered the university's code of conduct, rules, and regulations, outlining the consequences of any violations. Mr. Singh also highlighted the various channels available for reporting incidents of ragging and assured the students that strict action would be taken against offenders.

Further, Mr. Akhilesh Chandra shared insights into the crucial role of the Corporate Resource Center (CRC) in facilitating industry interactions and placements for MBA students. He discussed the importance of internships, industrial visits, and guest lectures in bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world.

Mr. Ajaya Panday provided an overview of the university's Library and Information Resource Centre. He introduced the students to the vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources available to support their academic and research needs. The session also included guidance on using the library's facilities effectively to enhance their learning experience at GDGU.

Post lunch Dr. Nusrat Khan moderated a panel discussion where esteemed alumni shared their career journeys, experiences, and insights after completing their MBA at GD Goenka University. The the discussion aimed to inspire and motivate the current MBA students by showcasing the diverse career paths and achievements of the alumni.
The event was successful in acquainting the new MBA batch with the university's resources, policies, and opportunities while fostering a safe and inclusive environment on the campus.

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