Summer’16 couldn’t have been more perfect! This is the feeling which has been overwhelming me since I flew off from The United States. Getting to intern abroad right at the end of Second year, in a University dating back to 1871! Nothing could be more perfect!

Thank you GD Goenka, for giving me this priceless opportunity to help me grab the internship of my dreams. My experience at University of Arkansas was a memorable one and I experienced and learnt so many things in a span of about 2 months. The self-learning capability enhanced as I was exposed to a numerous software and hardware platforms being used globally. This experience wasn’t only about an internship at a prestigious and historical university but also about adapting to diverse cultures. To be precise, it was about learning while adapting. This opportunity helped me bond with students from all over the world and understand the cultural diversity. Be it the Brazilian charm or the Chinese politeness, be it the happy go lucky north or the ethical south, the experience had me taste it all!

I evolved into a better and an independent person. The opportunity not only enhanced my knowledge in Electronics but made my geographical nexus strong.I can’t thank my university enough for believing in me and helping me fetch this internship. Thank you for making Summer’16 so memorable!

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