Ms Pooja Arya, Senior Cameraperson, NDTV Group, conducted a Workshop on “Advance Camera and Reporting” on November 16, 2016 in the University campus. It was a hands on workshop, in which Ms Arya used her extensive experience to provide practical tips to BJMC and MJMC students.

The workshop began with the screening of three news reports that were shot by Ms Arya for NDTV under different lighting circumstances. These included the interview of Deepa Karmakar, who was interviewed by NDTV in Rio soon after she qualified for the gymnastic finals.

Ms Arya explained to the students how she made the gymnast, her coach and the interviewer sit in a small space and ensured that there was a touch of informality as they spoke into the camera. She also shared how she used the “Indian jugaad” to rig up the lights.

Ms Arya stressed the importance of the background and settings in shooting a celebrity interview, and how camerapersons should go around creating the right mood and tone for it.

The students were then given a crash course as to how to prepare to shoot for a news story as against the preparation that needs to be done to shoot a Feature story. She also shared how the lighting and camera angles had to be different when shooting an event.

In the post-lunch session, Ms Arya took the students around the campus to demonstrate the use of TV camera in different conditions of light and shade. The students were given a practical lesson as to how even a drumstick tree can become the central point in a feature story on the medicinal qualities of drumsticks and their use.

The Camera Workshop was the fourth in the series of workshops being conducted by NDTV Worldwide. It was anchored by Mr Sanjay Ahirwal, Managing Editor of NDTV Worldwide.

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