School of Medical & Allied Sciences, GD Goenka University organized a Live Webinar entitled ‘Use of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in a Clinical Laboratory’ on December 22, 2020.  Dr. Arvind Nanera, MD (Microbiology and Immunology), Head of Medical Affairs at Alexapath, USA and Managing Director at Westby Enterprise, India was the brain engine behind the dissemination of knowledge surrounding the various possibilities and possible perils of Artificial intelligence and Robotics in a Clinical Laboratory. Dr. Nanera explained the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. According to his incisive perception, ROBOTs aided with intelligence can effectively increase the efficiency of pathology laboratories. Also, an amplified output can help in earlier diagnosis and quick management of diseases, leading to another progressive possibility due to AI and Robotics. One cannot emphasize enough the influence AI and Robotics has had on the daily lives of people, and the same transformative power can be envisioned in a way to channelize better healthcare possibilities and scenarios. Dr. Nanera culminated the session with an inclusive and dynamic outlook for the future of Healthcare community, while triggering the mindful portions of audiences’ brains to think of many such feasible, life-changing, health-empowering prospects.


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