A session that's not contemporary is "Temporary". The orientation program has not diluted its fervour after a week-long engaging sessions. The key behind its success is relevance and simplicity of the sessions. The day 7 was another appreciated spell in the row. 

As the students are absorbing the session are orientated more towards final shaping and detailing. The day began with a talk on Sanitisation and policy of university campus, Hostel and transport by Maj. Karttikeya Sharma, Administrator, as the students gear up to join the campus and make the best of their dreams realised. This was reinforced by a series of other specialist talk on fee, library, discipline and statutory guidance regarding anti ragging policy of the university and its zero tolerance in this matter. There was an apt discourse by Imran Zaheed Film Artist in form of a webinar on film industry exposure and shared his experiences.

Each day of this program is meticulously planned and enviable outcome of this apparent success that is well concerted and scripted.

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