On the occasion of the re-registration of the odd semester, a motivational speech was organized by the School of Medical & Allied Sciences by Dr. Vishwa Prakash Gupta. He earned a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in First Division from Agra University in 1979; a Diploma in Physiotherapy (D PT) in First Division from IPH-New Delhi in 1985 (1982-1985); and a Master of Physiotherapy (M PT)-(Integrated) in First Division from Singhania University in Rajasthan in 2009.

He has undergone Cardiac Rehabilitation training courses in India and overseas, Wound Management, Electrotherapy Update, Manipulation and MWM, Intensive Care and Ventilation Management, etc. Sir has been awarded: Significant Contribution Award from IAP (twice) and State Physiotherapy Associations; Senior Member Award from IAP; Lifetime Achievement award by IAP Gurgaon branch, INCPT-AIIMS Organising Committee, Varshney Gaurav and Varshney Bhushan Awards from Shri Vaishya Varshney Sabha of India; Academician Award by IMA & IMA-Outer West Delhi branch, etc. 

Sir retired from the post of Chief Physiotherapist- Deptt. of CTVS- C T Centre, Additional charge- Center for Integrative Medicine and Research, AIIMS, New Delhi Member- Delhi Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

Dr. Gupta addressed the gathering with his wisdom and experience and explained the Growing frontline role of allied Healthcare professionals as his talk of the day. The session was attended by 100 participants from all the departments of SOMAS, which included Dean sir Dr. Rohit Dutt and Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Hod Dept of Physiotherapy along with faculty and students.   

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