Report on Re-Registration of Session 2017-18
August 23, 2017
Student-Teachers of SoEd Visited G D Goenka Public Schools
August 28, 2017

Academic Session 2017-18 at GD Goenka University was initiated on August 21, 2017 for the students of 3rd and higher Semesters in the ten different schools of the University. Different classrooms were allotted for the students of various semesters in the different academic blocks of the University. In B-block, re-registration process was held for the School of Engineering (SoE), School of Law (SoL) and School of Medical and Allied Sciences (SoMAS). In C-block, School of Fashion and Design (SoFD) and School of Architecture and Planning (SoAP) conducted their Re-registration programme. In A1 block of the University, School of Management (SoM), School of Humanities and Social Science (SoHSS), School of Education (SoEd), School of Hospitality (SoH) and School of Communication (SoC) held their Re-registration programme in various rooms. Number of students that were present for registration in SoE was 265; in SoMAS, the number was 66 and 68 in SoL. In SoFD, 87 students were present, 84 were present in SoAP. Number of students that reported for re-registration in SoM was 115, in SoHSS was 25, in SoEd was 32, in SoH was 11 and 16 in SoC. These were the number of students who reported in the respective Schools till 3 pm. During re-registration, the students mainly submitted re-registration form and anti-ragging undertaking form. GD Goenka University is a ragging free Campus and the students were educated in this regard through an anti-ragging video that was broadcasted at each of the venues allocated for Re-registration of the senior students.

The Re-registration programme was followed by the Dean’s address in the different Schools. Course plan, time table and credit requirements were also highlighted during this Session. After lunch break, the students gathered up for team bonding activities in the different Schools. Tomorrow, onwards all the students who have re-registered in their respective academic programmes would be attending their scheduled classes.

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