G D Goenka University organized a workshop by AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) on the 13th of February, 2019.The aim of the workshop was to inform our students about short term internship opportunities in research oriented projects organized by the United Nations in different countries across the world.

The Resource Person for the workshop was Ms. Drishti Dadu the Vice President (Outgoing Exchange, Student Sector) AIESEC (Delhi IIT office) Ms. Drishti Dadu has been working extensively to promote the objectives of AIESEC by interacting with student communities in universities across the country. In Delhi, Ms. Drishti has been actively working with students of IIT and Delhi University. Ms. Drishti conducted the workshop along with four of her colleagues from AIESEC.

AIESEC is a non-political, independent and not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates from institutions of higher education. It was founded in 1948. AIESEC is affiliated with the United Nations (UN) and offers Global Volunteer internships in more than 30 countries. Their objective is to break cross-cultural barriers by facilitating exchanges and providing international exposure to student interns. As an affiliate of United Nations, AIESEC has projects that actively deal with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Some of these are No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education etc. AIESEC also facilitates internship opportunities in various start-ups based on Marketing, IT, Business development and others.

The key areas of focus for this informative workshop were:

• To provide students with insights on different internship avenues in the multi-disciplinary projects based on the sustainable development goals set by the UN in different regions across the world

• To inform students about internship and entrepreneurship opportunities in global start-ups

• To educate the students on the process for enrolling in the ongoing and upcoming short-term projects in different countries

• Through the knowledge on the various projects, the workshop, in addition, will provide students an exposure to current social issues across the world

Students were provided information about various internships available. They were told how they could apply and where and when the interviews would be conducted. Students were told about the registration process for these openings. During the open session students got all the detailed information from Ms Drishti and her team. More than 70 students got registered with AIESEC to explore the internship opportunities.

The session ended with the felicitation of Ms Dishti by Prof. Tanuja Kaushik (Dean, Students Welfare and Dean SoHSS)

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