The Center of Excellence: Robotics lab in GD Goenka University has been inaugurated by Dr. Raj Nehru, the Vice-chancellor at the Shri Vishwakarma Skill University (SVSU-Haryana), India along with Dr.Tabrez Ahmad, the Hon’ble Vice-chancellor of G.D.Goenka University(GDGU) on 14nd Oct 2021.
As part of the inaugural speech, Prof. Raj Nehru spoke on the importance of innovation culture which needs to be provided to students, and entrepreneurship development in the colleges. He also talked about the initiatives and activities carried out as a part of the cordial relationship between GDGU and SVSU through skill learning projects.
Dr. Tabrez Ahmad the Hon’ble Vice-chancellor of GDGU thanked Prof. Raj Nehru and Sakrobotix for the support and further emphasized that the Lab in GDGU will be available for use by students and staff of all disciplines. Prof Raj Nehru said that subject area such as data science, machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence is the future of engineering and GDGU must continue to support such initiatives to encourage these subjects in the University. Dr. Usha Bhatra, Dean SoES also encourages students and faculty members to participate in various robotics competitions held globally.
The proposal for the establishment of the Center of Excellence: Robotics Lab was proposed by Ms. Ashu Gautam, Faculty In-Charge Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The laboratory was established through the support of Sakrobotix lab Pvt. Ltd., one of the start-up initiatives of IIT Bombay. The Faculty members of GDGU, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Dr. Varnita Verma, Dr. Jaspreet, Ms. Ashu Gautam, Ms. Anita Jindal, Ms. Shipra Katariya, Ms. Sakshi Sharma, Mr. Yogesh, Mr. Lal Ji Morya, Mr. Jai Ram, Mr. Rastogi, and other members of the organizing team was involved in the setting-up of the Lab in GDGU.
The main objective of establishing the Robotics Center of Excellence in GDGU is to promote and provide robot-enhanced education in GDGU. Through robotics technology, GDGU aspires to inculcate innovation and entrepreneurial mindset in the students, encourage creative ideas and promote interdisciplinary learning. In addition, the Lab will also facilitate and organize robotics competitions. Mr. Lal Ji Maurya organizes and manages lab equipment for the successful development of projects. Dr. Varnita Verma guided students in the development of various robotic projects such as “5-DoF robotic Arm, 3D printer, Solar-powered obstacle avoidance robot, IoT enabled mobile robot and many more. The key highlight of the event remains the “Goenkeon: The mobile base talking robot”. This robot interacted with the guest and make them aware about the university and the purpose of the robotics center of excellence.

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