As part of the curriculum, students from the School of Management at GD Goenka University visited the Samidha Welfare Foundation. The team conducted a workshop on Dance and Music with the children of Samidha, with some of the activities including playing, teaching, dancing, and singing. Empowering girls through education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. Every child is special and has inner talent; they just need an opportunity to excel. A proper direction, or path, is a must to achieve that goal. People with disabilities have more will to become something in their lives and on their own. There were some children who left their families and came here to make a bright future for themselves and earn a better living. Samidha Welfare Foundation was founded on August 5, 2019. There are currently two board directors: Sachin Kumar and Shantanu. 

They are based in Gurgaon, India; today, they have 35 children under them. They support girl children from underprivileged families and orphans.

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