School of Management, G D Goenka University organized a guest lecture on ‘Financial services and career’ by Mr. Jayant Kwatra, a business partner with Motilal Oswal Finacial Services Limited. Mr. Kwatra is also the founder of Sanguine Capital which offers financial planning, equity portfolio management and education in the field of financial services. He is a NSE certified financial planner with over 10 years of experience in the financial markets. He is also a corporate speaker and business consultant.

Mr. Kwatra started the lecture by explaining to the students the need for making investments. He discussed how youth of the country is focussed more on spending than saving. With change in lifestyle, the traditional instruments are not preferred any more as these are unable to generate a return higher than inflation for the current investors. On comparing various instruments of investments, he highlighted that investment in equity gives much higher return than other instruments like mutual funds or more traditional instruments like Bank savings, Fixed deposits, Bonds, etc.

Mr. Kwatra discussed that investment in the Indian corporate sector yields a good return over a long term period of time and supports the principle of Be Indian and Buy Indian. The confidence in the success of Indian corporates is reflected by the large investments made by Foreign Institutional Investors in the Indian stock market.

Towards the end of the lecture, he advised students about various career options in the field of financial services and encouraged them to enrol for specialized courses in the area of finance for a bright future.


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