Students of B.Com and BBA at the GD Goenka School of Management recently had the
opportunity to visit Varun Beverages Limited in Nuh, Haryana on 25.4.2023, one of PepsiCo's
largest franchisees in India, as part of their curriculum. The visit was aimed at giving the students
a practical exposure to the manufacturing and production processes of a beverage company.

Upon arrival, they were welcomed by the company representatives, who gave them an overview
of the production area and briefed them on the rules and regulations. They were then taken on a
guided tour of the plant, where they saw the various stages of the manufacturing process of Pepsi
products, right from the raw materials to the finished products. The students were amazed to see
the size of the plant and the complexity of the machinery and equipment employed in the
production process. They were given a demonstration of the bottling and packaging lines, where
they saw the bottles being filled with carbonated drinks, labelled, and packed into cartons.

In addition to the technical components, the students also learned about the industry's employee
engagement and work culture. They interacted with the employees and learned about the
importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills required in a workplace.

Overall, the industrial visit to Varun Beverages proved to be a valuable learning experience for
the undergraduate students of the School of Management. It provided them with an insight into
the real-world applications of the concepts they learned in their classroom and gave them a taste
of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the corporate world.

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