School of Medical and Allied Sciences G D Goenka University coordinated a webinar entitled “Avenues for an impactful Public Health Career” on 26th June 2021. The speaker for the webinar was Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav. Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav (Deputy Director) leads the MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Children, Uttar Pradesh Team.

This webinar was organized to enlighten our students about different career avenues in the field of Public Health and to make them understand different opportunities and challenges they will face in the upcoming future. 

Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav gave a detailed overview of the current public health care in the country. The webinar was carried out in a detailed manner, the questions were asked by students of public health. Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav shared his own experiences by answering the questions, he described what skills should a student acquire while pursuing a master's in Public Health. He also delineated various opportunities which come with a public health career and how a student needs to be prepared in advance to surpass all the challenges and grab those opportunities.

He concludes the session by outlined the activities students can perform while pursuing the degree which enhances their skills and make them more competent in the field of public health professionals. 

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