Visit to Yakult Danone – by B.Sc. MLT students and B.Sc. Nutrition and Health

B.Sc. MLT students and B.Sc. Nutrition and Health visited the Yakult Danone plant at Sonepat, with an aim to study and understand the in-depth knowledge of techniques involved in pilot scale and scale-up of gut friendly microbiota “Lactobacillus casei Shirota”, the probiotic bacteria present in Yakult.

Learning Outcomes:

Students were introduced to the techniques involved in large scale preparation of culture media, their nutritional requirements and growth conditions, used for batch culturing and pilot scale production of bacilli.
Emphasis was laid on aseptic techniques used in the plant, to prevent contamination at any stage of production.
Importance was laid on practical aspects of ensuring sterilization in food industry, before canning a product for consumer.

Students learned the basic concepts of Quality assurance and Quality control techniques.

Students were introduced to different biochemical and microbiological testing techniques, used in commercial set up to ensure quality of the product and their viable bacterial count.

Overall visit was fruitful and has enabled students to get insight to different practical aspects of Microbiology.

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