‘Quality over quantity’ is an adage that holds true for many aspects around us, including the discipline of engineering. So, while is there is a rise in the number of engineers in India, there is still a strong demand for the good ones which stand out from the crowd. Whether one has graduated from one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, or a reputed technical institute from some other region, you should know that being a ‘good engineer’ means having the ability to blend innovation with originality.

Now let’s be honest at this juncture – such an aptitude comes from what you learn at your engineering college. So, if you have had your doubts about whether you should pursue engineering or not, here is a list of reasons stating why you should:

    1. Flexibility

Engineering is a discipline which offers a lot of specialities to choose from. If you have a technical bent of mind but aren’t sure about which speciality to pick (e.g. computer science, electronics, mechanical etc.), you can opt for counselling to understand what your area of interest is.

    1. Pay structure

Pursuing engineering can pay you well. When you start out in the field, it is more about ‘learning rather than earning’, but with the gradual passage of time, a lot of exciting avenues open up which offer strong growth prospects and better remuneration.


    1. Opportunities to make an impact

Engineering is a profession that’s characterized by remarkable innovations. When you pursue a career in engineering, you get to innovate. And because of this, you are able to impact that particular field you work in, and get a chance to create an impact. For instance, if as a civil engineer you’ve built a bridge, it will forever become a milestone in your career and your life.

    1. Readiness to resolve any problem

When you pursue an engineering degree, you become analytical in your thought process. Owing to that, you also gain the necessary confidence and skill to address problems head on in whatever you are working on, and resolve them.

    1. Career prospects post degree

After you complete your engineering degree, you have a variety of career options right in front of you. You can either go for Master of Technology (M. Tech), or even go for an MBA degree. But if you intend to stick to a career in ‘core engineering’, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. For the inquisitive ones, you can go for other emerging options like biotechnology and nanotechnology.

    1. Other significant advantages

An advantage that you will get if you become an engineer is a great head start with various established companies. This will not only give an incredible growth curve to chart upon, but also build your career. Apart from this, you get a lot of satisfaction as an engineer because you get a chance to showcase intellect and innovation in the projects you are working on.

In the end, whether you take admission in a top engineering college in Delhi or some other region in NCR, there is a lot to look forward to, to learn, and implement after you complete your engineering degree.

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