A field trip was organized for students of GD Goenka School of Communication on February 7, 2017 to the NDTV studios in Greater Kailash. The trip was organised to give the students a feel and exposure of a Production Control Room as well as give them an opportunity to do anchoring in the studios of NDTV.
The students were taken to the production control room where they were briefed on the following aspects:
 Composition of an outgoing program
 Sending and receiving of the TV feed from the local satellite used by NDTV
 Video monitor wall with monitors for program, preview, VTRs, cameras, graphics and other video sources
 Functioning of a vision mixer
 Working of an audio mixing console

The students were also told about the finer aspects of anchoring which included:
 Advice on physical appearance
 Vocal delivery
 Audience appeal
 Research on the topic of discussion
 Need to be neutral
 Treating your guests and the audience with respect
 Giving your guests a chance to speak

The students were given an opportunity to conduct two programs which included participation by the students as anchors, guests and the audience. The programs were recorded and then replayed to highlight the shortcomings and refine the anchoring skills of the students.

This interactive workshop conducted by NDTV was a very good opportunity and a great learning experience for the students. It will benefit them greatly in their professional careers ahead.

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