School of Medical and Allied Sciences, G D Goenka University organized a Live Webinar on ‘MRI Safety’, on July 16, 2020. The session was delivered by Dr. S Tauqueer Fazal, Head and Coordinator of Diagnostic Radiology at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram. Dr. Fazal stressed at the beginning of the session on the need to understand and fathom the importance of MRI safety procedures, as it alone acts as a protective shield. The session further on defined and re-defined many more areas of discussions and arguments enveloping the discourse of MRI safety. Dr. Fazal skillfully discussed about MR Infrastructure and Zoning planning that is fundamental to understand for a better informed knowledge about MRI safety. The potential dangers of MRI and the intricate link between Pregnancy and MRI was also highlighted by Dr. Fazal, he made sure that every myth or prejudices regarding MRI safety is debunked at the same time. Dr. Fazal also talked about the Emergency situations and their strategic management when it comes to MRI. Towards the end of the session, MRI safety during COVID-19 was discussed and some significant safety tips were told for a creating a protective and healthier world.

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