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To become an architect, you would need to pursue a degree in architecture. By definition of the role, an architect is a person who does the planning, designing, and reviewing of building construction. So, if a person practices architecture, he/she will have to deliver services that involve building designs.
One can get admitted to one of the top architecture colleges in Delhi to pursue a degree in architecture and become an architect. In fact, nowadays people are increasingly thinking of pursuing architecture because the field lets you experiment and explore your artistic abilities.
If you are thinking of pursuing a degree in architecture in order to become an architect, but have a lot of doubts, or are simply interested to know more about the field, here is a list of reasons that will assist in resolving them and reach a decision:

1. Being an architect is not a job, but a lifestyle

An architect is always thinking about architecture. It could be about different projects or buildings or even the smallest of things related to architecture. An architect is curious about the form, material, lighting, and many other aspects involved. Hence, being an architect is more of a lifestyle than a job.

2. An architect’s job is seeing an evolution

Architects have to take into account building technology as well as programming. As the materials and construction methods constantly evolve, architects are needed to address public demands accordingly. They need to take into account energy consumption, building performance, and recycled material usage.
So, architects are the people who conceptualize new designs to push the execution of modern day construction. The job of an architect is never static in nature.

3. Personal expression and artistic freedom

Once you become an architect, you will be provided specific project parameters that will guide the project’s direction. During this time, you will be free to provide the artistic embodiment of all those parameters. For instance, if there are 12 architects on a particular project, they will give 12 different solutions on the same project parameters at a time. This instance points to the fact that each architect will take his/her own unique artistic liberty.

4. The results are tangible

You will feel exhilarated when you see your projects getting constructed. It will be that place where you can experiment and modify things that are important to refine. Though, architects have a certain ownership in every project, this advantage points towards artistic freedom discussed in the previous sections.

5. Impact the life of others in a positive way

It will reward you if you cultivate a personal relationship with your client, especially if the process will result in a more productive end-product. The clients will always appreciate the product when they understand the process behind it. And because they will appreciate, they will recognize the role of the product.

6. You get to experiment

As no two architects will provide the exact solution for the same set of parameters, it means that you will have a scope of bringing in your own personality to that project. An architect can explore new materials and also make use of upcoming technology on the project. This makes room for experimentation in this field, something that a lot of fields do not offer.
This is a list of reasons that will help you gain a perspective on the life of an architect, and help shed some light on what the field has to offer. If you have already made up your mind to pursue a degree in architecture, it is imperative that you go for a course in one of the best architecture colleges in Delhi where hands-on experience is given a strong preference.


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