Engineering is not only one of the most popular streams of education in the world, but also one with the widest prospects. Anyone with an interest in Science and its applications can choose to take up engineering. In India, the first step to making a career in engineering involves a four-year undergraduate degree in engineering. Such a course is known under labels such as Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology.

Now, there are various branches of engineering or technology, and students need to choose the one they find the most preferable. Among the most promising branches of engineering as offered by some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi and other parts of the country, are: -

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is regarded as a classic branch of engineering pertaining to the study of chemicals, polymers, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other relevant subjects. As a part of this course, students gain knowledge of chemistry, engineering, biochemistry and material science which makes them highly employable, especially in sectors such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, Biotech, refining and so on.

Chemical engineers from some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi and other parts of India, have gone ahead to take up scientific researches, field work, or management positions with multinational companies in their careers.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a diverse field of engineering and quite versatile too. As one of the oldest branches in this discipline, mechanical engineering encompasses elements of electrical, civil, aerospace, bio-engineering etc., in addition to mathematics and physics. The subject now touches various aspects of modern life right from biomedical devices to mobile phones.

With time, the career prospects for mechanical engineer has extended from traditional industries of manufacturing and automotive to other emerging areas in engineering like robotics, nuclear technology, energy systems and so on.

Electrical and electronic engineering

The branch of electrical and electronic engineering deals with the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism and their application in different walks of the modern society. Students with an interest in physics and calculus can aptly fit into this field. As a part of their course, students shall cover the study of electromagnetics, conductors and semiconductors, electronics, microelectronics, robotics and even nanotechnology.

Industries associated to automation, distribution, and healthcare and so on are evergreen fields for these graduates.

Computer engineering

Computer engineering is a highly popular discipline with engineering aspirants in the current times. The development of the IT sector across various locations in India has further given this branch of engineering a good boost.

Trained in technical skills related to software, hardware, manufacturing as well as development process, computer engineers are highly demanded. Communication technology, computer construction, design and service, design and supervision of computer networks, development of embedded systems, aviation and astronautical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and consulting are a few areas where graduates can find work.

Civil engineering

Supposed to be one of the earliest disciplines to fall under engineering, civil engineering is another promising branch of study. A diverse course that it is, this field of engineering covers topics such as structure design, soil mechanics, hydraulics, fluid mechanics, structure mechanics and so on.

Civil engineers can find work in both public as well private sectors. Some of the popular job areas for civil engineers include contract work and consultancy, building survey, structural engineer, site engineer, geologist etc.


Biotechnology is a recent addition to the list of courses offered under engineering, in some of the best private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and other regions. Biotechnology is a subject that concerns itself with the advancements made in biological sciences including genetics and its applications. Although biotechnology has significance in health and medicine, its implications have benefitted other industries such as food processing and manufacturing as well. After graduations, students in this field can take to research and development, process control, teaching or working in industries relating to food and drinks, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as quality control.

Agriculture engineering

Agricultural sector is one of the biggest employers in the country, and hence agriculture engineering is a branch that has been newly introduced to give a boost to this sector. This branch specifically deals with the study of agricultural processes and technologies utilized in food processing for the efficient production of food.

Agriculture engineering graduates can find jobs in both public and private sector firms associated to agribusiness, food processing, and food retail, in addition to research organizations as well as laboratories.

Engineering can not only boost your creativity but also allow you to apply your talents to build a fulfilling career, as you delve in developments that affect the many aspects of life in a positive manner.

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