May 21, 2015 was a red letter day in the history of G.D. Goenka University. On this day, the first batch of PGDCA, MBA and LLM students passed out.

There was a feeling of pride, nostalgia and happiness as students from the School of Management, School of Law and School of Hospitality arrived to take part in the Concluding Ceremony.

The students were addressed by the Vice Chancellor and the Deans of the three schools. Speaking on the occasion, Prof Raj Singh exhorted the students to build on the learning that they had acquired at G.D. Goenka University. Wishing them success and happiness in their personal and working life, Prof. (Dr.) Raj Singh said, “students are welcome to visit the University whenever they wanted.”

Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Gupta, Dean School of Law, congratulated the students on successfully completing their course, and asked them to apply the knowledge that they gained for the benefit of the common man.

Prof (Dr) P. K.Goel, Dean, School of Management, while congratulating the students asked them to keep one rule of management always in mind, and that is, “The boss is always right.”

Prof. S. K. Saluja, Associate Dean, School of Hospitality, advised the students to get ready for the real world. “You will face many challenges in your working life. You have to learn from them,” he advised the students.

The Vice Chancellor gave away awards to two meritorious students. The Award for Best Performer in Knowledge Creation went to Nitu Bhattacharya while the Best Performer Award in Analytical Skills went to Chetna Kochhar.

Nitu Bhattacharya, who spoke on behalf of the School of Management students, said, “Our professors have inspired us and challenged us throughout this quest to help us reach the epitome of success and achievement. Amidst all the assignments, examination, study tours, and batch outings, time has flown by and here we are today, down to this very last speech.”

Similar thoughts were expressed by Gourav Lohmorh and Rahul Dilip Desai, who spoke on behalf of the Law and Hospitality students respectively.

The ceremony ended with the Vice Chancellor, Deans, University authorities and Faculty members joining the students for group photographs.

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