True to its motto of \'Bridging the Borders\', GDGIC endeavours to constantly engage with students from all nationalities and understanding them better. We take pride in having created a truly International campus with a perfect confluence of different cultures. Here is a first in a series of interviews with our international students. Greta Magri from Italy is a student of B.Sc Communication Design, GD Goenka University - Politecnico di Milano at our School of Fashion & Design. Here is an interesting chat with her:

How has been your experience at GD Goenka University?

My experience here in GD Goenka is teaching me to become always more openminded, it is a good experience to study abroad, because there is always new to know about a different culture and it\'s interesting to understand the differences and similarities between these two worlds: Italy and India. Moreover, this experience is giving me the possibility to be able to understand the mentality and the uses of Indian people, and so to being able to create some designs that could satisfy not only Italian people.

What do you like about GD Goenka University?

In GD Goenka I like the environment: the hostel and the university are both very beautiful and give you a great sensation of peace far away from the crowded Delhi.

What is the one thing you really miss about your country?

About my country I miss many things, I miss the concept of \"taking a round\" in the main square of the city, watching shops while walking with my friend and being surrounded by beautiful historical monuments and I miss the food as well.

How have you adapted to all things Indian such as weather, food, culture?

I\'ve adapted myself to the environment pretty well, I don\'t really give importance to the weather, I love sun, and here in India is generally pretty sunny. About the food, I like Indian food. About the culture, I find Indian culture pretty interesting, thanks to the religion and the people, I feel there is so much more to know about this country.

Did you find good friends here? How are the students and faculty?

Yes, I found very good friends here, especially with other foreign students, because the fact is that studying abroad gives you the possibility to enter in contact with infinitives different cultures. The fact that put us closer was the common experience of studying abroad; of course I also have Indian friends. There is also another Italian girl here with me, and this is a good point because we have the possibility to speak about our different point of view on this culture. I find students and faculties very open and friendly with me, ready to help me with any type of problem.

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