An industrial visit was organized for: B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engg., 2nd & 3rd year Students to J.K Cement Plant in Jharli on 16 Mar 2017. 16 students visited the company that has put up a split grinding unit of 1.5 MnTPA at Jharli, Dist., Jhajjar, Haryana with an investment of Rs 400 Crore. Modern machinery is being sourced from renowned cement machinery manufacturer M/s ThyssenKrupp. A member of the prestigious JK Organisation, a group known worldwide for its business legacy of more than a century, JK Lakshmi Cement has set new benchmarks in the cement industry in India. Their relentless focus on product quality, customer satisfaction and innovation has helped J. K. Cement to push their boundaries and tap the immense potential for development in the infrastructure and construction sectors in our country. In the journey towards excellence, J. K Cement has taken a decisive action to become a high performance organization. Right from gaining foothold in the new and emerging markets in the country to investing in the latest R & D, they have continued to be a resilient performer despite the constantly evolving challenges of the cement sector.

The objective of the visit was to provide students an insight regarding internal working of the company and opportunity to learn practically through interaction regarding the manufacturing, packaging in the plant.

To make students aware and have better understanding of the processes the technical instructors started with the description of thenumber of power rooms lined with relays and modules corresponding to every process at the floor level. The students were also given a peep into the activities of the control room which uses PLC software.Students climbed up and down various staircases in the plant to get a good idea of the gigantic equipment there and the functions of each.

Finally the students ended their visit by having a look and understanding the functioning R&D section which has a collaboration with Sweden and IIT Delhi for making the material more robust for construction. It was pleasure for the students to know the techniques which are going to come in another 20 years.The visit was very useful for the students as they could relate their theoretical knowledge with the practical exposure which they have gained after visiting this plant. It was a good learning experience for the students.

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