The Rational cooking live demonstration was conducted by accredited Chef Rajesh Khannoria with the aim of sharing the Economic and correct way to use the German manufactured Combination oven and its various modes of cooking. Chef Rajesh also shared the fact that rational is the first company to introduce the combi steam technology.

The session started with a brief introduction of the company and its history. The chef then explained the functioning of new RATIONAL iCombi oven series with the role and importance of different modes of cooking. He invited students to volunteer for different preparations to assist him in cooking and plating the food.

Over the course of time at the RATIONAL International Demo kitchen. Students of BHMCT- 4th Sem, MHMCT – 2nd, and PGDCAM got to know about the correct use of a temperature probe for even cooking of poultry and meat items. Students also got a chance to learn about the benefits of these highly powerful and economic machines while learning a few tricks of the trade in the process, which will help them to cook dishes at a much faster pace and with precision.

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