A degree in Political Science is fast gaining popularity among students in Delhi NCR. A degree in political science will allow you to know the basic functions of jurisdiction and its subject matter. Since this subject is a comprehensive one, the scope of what will be covered under this course may vary from one political science college in Delhi to another. Despite of this, here is the scope of pursuing this course at a top political science college:

1. State and Government

During the expanse of this course, you will be primarily studying the problems of the state and government. The state in political science is defined as “a group of people organised for law within a defined territory”. The state has four characteristics, which are population, territory, government and sovereignty, and the government is an agent of the state. A degree in political science will teach you the activities of the state, and explain the aims and objectives of the state as well as the government.

2. Political Theory

A major branch of political science is political theory. The best political science colleges in Delhi will have a definitive emphasis on political ideas and thoughts of famous political thinkers, and the theories formulated by them. These theories will dwell on subjects like democracy, liberty, equality, grounds of political obligations, etc. In fact, the course will require students to start their lessons with political theory, which explains the basic concepts of political science, including the study of political philosophy.

3. Political Institutions

Political Science is a vast field. It not only includes the study of political institutions, but also covers the study of constitutions and different forms of government, their merits and demerits, structure and working. Besides, political science colleges in Delhi may also include the study of public administration and local government in the area. The study of these institutions is useful to the nation.

4. Political Dynamics

This aspect, independently, has become very important in the 20th century. The study of political dynamics means the study of current forces at work in the politics and government. The study covers a wide range of topics, including political parties, public opinion, pressure groups, etc. A study of these topics will help explain the behaviour of individuals and different groups.

5. Adjustment of the Individual with the State

The scope of political science also includes the study of the relationship between the individual and the state, and the type of relationships they can have. A degree from a top political science college will allow you to understand how man should adjust according to the society. Human is the root of politics, and the process of adjustment of men with the society is an important part of the studies.

6. International Relations and international law

The scope of the studies in Political science also includes the study of international relations, which has become important since the first quarter of the 20th century. The study of international relations includes a wide range of topics, including diplomacy, international politics, international laws, international organisation, etc. In fact, international law has assumed greater importance in recent times.

When you take admission in one of the top political sciences colleges in Delhi, you would be dealing with both empirical facts as well as philosophical values. So gear up for all this, and much more.

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