Psychology is one of the most promising subjects in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, as offered by universities and BA colleges in Delhi and other states of India. Psychology is not only a diverse field but also one that is expected to grow tremendously in the years to come.
As a subject dealing with the study of the human psyche or mind, psychology finds applications across all avenues of life, be it family, work, relationships, sports, corporate spaces or industries. Consequently, psychology graduates get to select from a range of specializations to build a career in. Among the many scopes for a career in psychology, the prominent ones are -

Clinical Psychology

As is suggestive, this branch of psychology is associated to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders in humans. Clinical psychologists help people facing difficulties in their life to get through it using different treatment methods and therapies. These professionals work with hospitals, NGOs and even drug rehabilitation centers. As people become increasingly aware of different psychological disorders with time, the need for experts in clinical psychology is only expected to grow.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is a branch of psychology that helps solve people’s personal and interpersonal issues. These issues can be problematic but are different from serious mental health issues. Counseling psychologists or counselors help people deal with such issues when they fail to do it on their own.

Career counseling, guidance counseling, marital counseling and rehabilitation counseling are among the many applications of counseling psychology. These professionals either manage their own counseling set-ups or work with therapy centers, career centers, NGOs as well as schools and universities.

Industrial or Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychologists are professionals who apply the principles of psychology in organizations or workplaces. They analyze the issues of the workplace at individual as well as organizational level, and work towards resolving them to enhance the efficiency of the employees. Those specializing in organizational psychology can choose to work as –

• Human resource development specialists
• HR managers
• Organizational consultants

With increasing pressure and stress levels at work places, the need for emotional understanding and gauging social intelligence has become stronger.

Child Psychology (Development psychology)

Development psychology is a branch of psychology that is dedicated to studying the psychological development of human beings over the course of their lifetime. Child psychology is one of the more popular variants of development psychology, and deals with emotional, cognitive, social and psychomotor development in infants and children.

Child psychologists work with schools, child therapy centers and also NGOs. They also play big roles in special education centers for children.

Sports Psychology

This branch of psychology deals with the study of elements that influence an athlete’s performance. These elements or factors could be emotional, cognitive, psychological or motivational. Sports psychologists can go on to work with sports coaching centers, leagues, academies or sports teams.

Sports psychologists aid sportspersons to stay in their best mental forms, thus improving their performances on the ground. With the frenzy regarding sports in India, sports psychology is a promising career to pursue.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology offers a unique opportunity to apply psychology to the benefit of legal organizations, especially pertaining to specific contents or witness testimony. Professionals in this field utilize their skills to look deep into the psyche of criminals and figure out the intent behind the crime. This helps define the quantum and nature of sentence to be rendered.

With the onset of new legal era, forensic psychology is expected to influence policy making.

Students wishing to pursue a career in psychology can begin with taking up an undergraduate course in psychology. An undergraduate course in psychology, as offered by some of the best psychology colleges in Delhi NCR and other regions in India, come in the form of a Bachelors or Arts (B.A.) or Bachelors of Science (B. Sc.) in Psychology.

However, to begin practicing as psychologists, students will need to take up a Master’s program in Psychology followed by some additional qualifications.

Psychology is not only an interesting career to pursue, the future but also holds promises of great opportunities for those following it.

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