A vast number of students apply to some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore each year with hopes of securing admission within the civil engineering discipline. When it comes to the spectrum of engineering and technical education, civil engineering is the oldest specialization. It is a discipline that not only provides rewarding opportunities, but also the prospect of working on projects you can look back upon with pride.

The services of civil engineers are required everywhere, be it in government organizations or across the private sector. And with the progress of civilization, the career opportunities for civil engineers are only growing. The path to becoming a certified civil engineer in India involves several aspects. Here are a few things you need to learn of, if a career in civil engineering is what you aspire for: -

Eligibility requirements you need to meet

The first step towards building a career in civil engineering starts right after high school. Students who have successfully cleared their 10+2 with a background in science, covering physics, chemistry and mathematics, can apply to a B. Tech in civil engineering, in private as well as public colleges.

While certain universities require the candidate to take national level engineering entrance tests, others may set their own entrance exams and interviews. The main idea behind holding these tests is to assess whether or not students have the basic knowledge required, for comprehending the technicalities that the course involves.

What does civil engineering pertain to?

As a civil engineer, an individual is required to design, plan out and supervise infrastructures including roads, tunnels, bridges, buildings and even sewage systems. Weighing several factors such as quality, reliability, durability and costs, is a part of the job too.

Students wishing to pursue civil engineering are required to have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of science and mathematics, to do well in their careers. Another thing to note about a career in civil engineering is that the profession also requires individuals to work under rough or hostile environment conditions.

Expenses and funding

The cost of education for a four-year B. tech course in civil engineering varies from institution to institution. Private colleges and universities pack in a range of amenities for the convenience of students, which in turn justifies the fee they charge.

However, to promote unhindered learning and growth in possibilities for young minds, some of the top engineering colleges in Gurgaon and other big cities, offer a multitude of scholarships and funding opportunities. That said, students may have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the financial aid.

Career opportunities

In a developing country like India, civil engineers find a lot of prospects where they can render themselves useful. With regular growth in the nation’s economy, development in the country’s infrastructure also follows, thus increasing job prospects for the civil engineers.

Various organizations from privately owned businesses to central and state government agencies post job openings for civil engineers. Municipal bodies, Defence forces, construction firms, development boards, to name a few are major recruiters for such professionals.


The income of a civil engineer also varies with variation in qualification, work experience, job site, and organization, and so on. Fresh graduates gain entry-level jobs that pay them decently. Their payscales tend to rise with increase in experience.

Finally, civil engineering presents dynamic career opportunities for the creative and lively young minds. With improvement in the country’s economic scenarios, the market has become noticeably favorable for civil engineers too. If there was any doubt, it should dissipate by now - civil engineering is a field that is here to stay, and grow as we progress with time.

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