Mechanical engineering has been among the most preferred branches of engineering among students, and not just in engineering colleges in Delhi NCR but across the nation at large. Considered among the oldest branches of engineering, mechanical engineering is also really diverse.

It offers multiple avenues to students to explore and nurture their talents. Mechanical engineering is the right choice for students with an interest in machinery, robotics, functions, material science, weapon design, micro devices, watercraft, and aircraft and so on.

Eligibility requirements

You can begin pursuing a career in mechanical engineering right after passing high school. The first step towards this profession begins with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Students with a Science background covering Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in high school can apply for such a course. Certain colleges might need students to maintain a minimum percentage of marks (generally 50%) to be eligible for application. Some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi and other states require students to clear an entrance test, followed by a personal interview, as a part of their eligibility criteria.

Such entrance examinations are aimed at assessing whether or not a student has the basic knowledge and interest for following the technicalities involved in such a course. A standard undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering in India has a 4-year duration.

What does Mechanical Engineering entail?

An undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering as offered by some of the best engineering colleges in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai cover topics such as – manufacturing processes, turbo-machines, kinematics of machinery, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, heat and mass transfer, automation in manufacturing, dynamics of machinery, engineering thermodynamics, mechatronics and thermal engineering systems, and so on.

Mechanical engineers work on different types of engines, heating and cooling systems, power plant equipment and across various industries too. These professionals are not responsible for the design and manufacture of a mechanical system but also their functionality, safety and maintenance. Some of the key responsibility areas of a mechanical engineer include –

    • Design, development and testing of prototypes

    • Maintenance of a mechanical system

    • Analysis and improvement of problems

    • Project management

    • Monitoring plants and systems

    • Measurement

    • Research

    • Creation of project specification

    • Presentation and report-writing

What are the career prospects?

Mechanical engineering is a highly demanded career not just in India but outside too. A wide-range of industries require the services of a mechanical engineer including those associated to automobiles, energy conservation, aviation, agriculture, power plants, oil refining etc.

Pharmaceuticals, nano-technology, biomedical engineering are some atypical industries that also have demands for mechanical engineers. In fact, mechanical engineering jobs can be found in both private and public sector. Further, government units relating to railways and armed forces are among the recruiters of mechanical engineers too.

Besides the mainstream career choices, individuals can always consider a career in consulting or teaching after completing their education.


The pay-scales of mechanical engineers differ with difference in qualification, work experience, projects handled and so on. Entry level jobs for freshers in this field come with a decent salary. The salaries may also vary from organization to organization, and tend to rise with increase in work experience.

Conclusively, mechanical engineering has bright prospects for anyone with an inclination towards machines and their mechanics. With the advent of technology, the career prospects for mechanical engineers have grown tremendously. If you believe market researches and reports, then in the years to come, mechanical engineering might soon turn into a rather well-paying career.

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